An interview in Fabulous Fabsters

by Silvana de Soissons2nd May 2016

I am so lucky to be featured in Fabulous Fabsters – the website founded by Christine Chang Hanway, who writes for Remodelista and Gardenista.


She has featured so many inspiring women at fifty and beyond, from all walks of life, and so I was thrilled when she contacted me to ask whether she could interview me.


Of course I talked about my shop in Bath, but also about food, living in this city, artisan produce, social media and fashion too. I hope you enjoy reading it.  It features photography by Jason Ingram, who has taken all our shop photography. 

About the Author

Silvana de Soissons is the founder of The Foodie Bugle Shop and its journal. You can follow her on Twitter @SilvanadeS and @TheFoodieBugle and on Facebook and Instagram @TheFoodieBugle