How to launch and develop a business using a blog and social media

by Silvana de Soissons17th January 2017

In Britain no less than 80 new start-up businesses were created every hour this year. So many new artisan businesses need the help of blogs, TwitterFacebook and Instagram to drive traffic to their website, develop their brand, increase sales and turnover and widen their new customer reach.

Whatever you are looking to make or sell, you will need to find a route to market and your consumer tribe – and we all know that many markets are now driven by digital word-of-mouth, social media referrals and online journals.

In this workshop I will show and tell how I started The Foodie Bugle over five years ago, firstly as an award winning blog, then as a print magazine, followed by an online shop, a pop-up shop and café and, four months ago, as a shop and tearoom in Margaret’s Buildings, Bath. In October of this year we moved the shop to 2 Abbey Street, Bath.

Every step of the way I have used social media and my blog to launch, sustain and develop The Foodie Bugle business – and in so doing I have learned where to spend capital, time and energy on graphic design, photography, website building, e-commerce, research, writing and styling. I also have a clearer idea now of how to identify both the pitfalls and the opportunities – helping me to use social media and blogging wisely, positively and sustainably.

During this day long workshop I share my knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs and makers looking to launch or improve their independent business – whatever you are making, creating and selling this event is relevant for your early years in business.

Key concepts that we will be discussing:

How to create a really simple, effective blog that tells your story convincingly, engages readers earnestly and wins loyal customers

How to create a winning social media strategy that will enable you to showcase your goods and services effectively, to the right audience

Photography, styling, content and voice – how to portray your business to total strangers so that they become your customers

Engaging and collaborating with key digital influencers to create helpful alliances in your industry

Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest and LinkedIn – which one is most suitable for your business and how to approach each platform professionally, analysing algorithms and advertising

Guidelines on ratios - time : investment : followers : following : posts : comments : links : hashtags

And more ….


Date of workshop: Friday 24th February 2017


Time: 10am till 4pm


Place: The Foodie Bugle, 2 Abbey Street, Bath, BA1 1NN


Refreshments: Hot and cold drinks, artisan pastries, homemade cakes and biscuits. A homemade seasonal lunch with wine. Afternoon tea and cake. 


Skills needed: Complete beginners welcome, although it does help if you are familiar with using your mobile phone, iPad and laptop.


Class size: 10 - 12 people


Ticket price: £120


How to buy a ticket: You can buy a ticket from our shop at 2 Abbey Street, Bath, BA1 1NN or buy from our online shop by clicking here.


About the Author

Silvana de Soissons is the founder of The Foodie Bugle Shop and its journal. You can follow her on Twitter @SilvanadeS and @TheFoodieBugle and on Facebook and Instagram @TheFoodieBugle