The Edible Garden Sunday Lunch Club

by Silvana de Soissons6th March 2011

The FoodieBugle is launching The Edible Community Garden, an organic, sustainable community fruit orchard, vegetable garden and beekeeping project, and adjoined to that we are also launching The Edible Garden Sunday Lunch Club to eat all the fruit of our labours.

The Edible Garden Sunday Lunch Club will feature fresh, slow cooked, seasonal food, either home grown or purchased from other organic edible gardens or farms within a half hour of the property, when we do not have enough fruit and vegetables to harvest. All directions, phone numbers and details will be revealed upon booking. In good weather there will be a number of outside tables, as well as tables in the dining room. Tables are always laid out in communal rows, so you may be sat next to someone you don’t know. If you want to be sat in a group, please let us know by e-mail. The e-mail address is:

Details of The Edible Garden Sunday Lunch Club

Launch Date

Sunday 29th May 2011

Arrival Time of Guests

12.30 p.m.


A farm house on organic farm, in North Wiltshire, south of Swindon and the M4 Motorway.

Total number of guests

A maximum of 25 people

Private Parties

You can arrange to book the whole Sunday Lunch Club for a private party by prior appointment.


Antipasti: A range of Canapes, Bruschette, Crostini using homemade breads, local cheeses, hams, terrines, pates, olives and garden salads.

Starter Course: Garden Soup

Main Course: 6 hour Lamb and shallot stew cooked in Marsala Pellegrino

Garden potatoes roasted in rosemary, garlic and olive oil, with Pecorino

Summer vegetables with garden herbs, flowers and honey mustard dressing

Puddings: Pistacchio Cake, Strawberry Genoise Sponge Cake, Chocolate Semifreddo, Vanilla Biscotti, Mascarpone and Amaretto di Saronno cream


Very welcome, but we do not have a separate children’s Menu.

Total Cost

Adults: £25.00 per person. Children: £12.50 each


Cash only


We are not licensed, so please could you bring your own bottles of wine or beer. We will offer you a complimentary glass of wine on arrival, with our best wishes.

Soft drinks

Every table will have bottles filled with tap water and jugs of water, lemon, mint, lime or elderflower cordial.


Please write to, with your name, address, phone number, the number of people in your party and any specific requirements. Please also specify if you wish to sit outdoors, if the weather is warm enough on the day.

Cancellation policy

Please give us as much notice as possible if you cannot come, ideally 48 hours.

Contact details and directions

These will be sent out by e-mail when your booking is confirmed.





About the Author

Silvana de Soissons is the founder of The Foodie Bugle Shop and its journal. You can follow her on Twitter @SilvanadeS and @TheFoodieBugle and on Facebook and Instagram @TheFoodieBugle

Emma B

Emma B - 15th March 2011 4:38 pm

Silvana, this looks absolutely amazing and count me in! Gorgeous photos and the lunch club is a fantastic idea!

Heidi Wilson

Heidi Wilson - 16th March 2011 2:53 pm

This looks lovely - can’t wait to make a visit for Sunday lunch.

Charlie Lee-Potter

Charlie Lee-Potter - 7th April 2011 8:30 am

What an inspired idea Silvana and a gorgeous menu too

Silvana de Soissons

Silvana de Soissons - 8th April 2011 12:34 pm

Thank-you Heidi and Charlie for your kind comments. We really appreciate it! All good wishes, Silvana.

Anna Mosesson

Anna Mosesson - 13th April 2011 5:53 pm

This is wonderful Sylvie,  I have just started a little popup company in Italy which has been quite successful, I prepare 5 courses and include wine in beautiful locations in Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche (so far), it is a bit like a supper club, I would so love to come and see you and Jean Paul (and Mariella) in the Cotswolds for Sunday lunch…...xxxx

Anna Mosesson

Anna Mosesson - 13th April 2011 5:59 pm


Silvana de Soissons

Silvana de Soissons - 13th April 2011 6:57 pm

Thank-you Anna. Your pop-up-restaurant sounds brilliant. Why not write all about it for The Foodie Bugle? We would all love to see you really soon and catch up. It would be so fantastic to see you. All good wishes, Silvana. xx


Jules - 16th May 2011 10:43 am

It all looks absolutely wonderful and hopefully at some point in the summer we can visit you for one of your Sunday lunches.


Choclette - 26th August 2011 2:10 pm

This sounds wonderful - love the idea of the community organic garden and even better with accompanying lunch club. Have not found anything at all similar in Cornwall. I keep thinking I’d like to set up a pop up tea room, but do not have the space in my house. I’ll just keep hoping wink

Table set in the dining room, ready for lunch.

Table set in the dining room, ready for lunch.

Cake stands and jugs.

Cake stands and jugs.

Apples from the orchard.

Apples from the orchard.

Minestrone in the making.

Minestrone in the making.

Misty knows when it's roast lamb for lunch.

Misty knows when it's roast lamb for lunch.

Getting tea cups ready.

Getting tea cups ready.

Herb chopper

Herb chopper

White hyacinths and painted maiolica platters on the window sill.

White hyacinths and painted maiolica platters on the window sill.

Homemade pasta, from flour, eggs and sea salt.

Homemade pasta, from flour, eggs and sea salt.