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How to Use A Pizza Stone? A Beginners’ Guide

Honestly, who doesn’t love pizza? That feeling of biting into the perfect pie, with its melted cheese and tomato sauce, is truly unparalleled. But you know what’s even better? Homemade pizza. If you’ve never tried making your own pizza at home, then I can tell you, you’re definitely missing out. In case you are scared about […]

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How To Use Pizza Stone In Oven?

Over the last decade, pizza has become a hyped name for fast food lovers. There is nothing like the smell of melted cheese, crushed tomatoes, and a freshly baked crispy crust pizza. Imagine making it perfectly at your home and know that you don’t even need a pizza oven! A good alternative to a pizza […]

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Lunch with Elisabeth Luard

Tall native foxgloves nod me through the long lane that leads to Elisabeth Luard’s marshmallow pink Welsh farmhouse. All around me is the rolling pastoral landscape of Ceredigion, a beautiful part of mid-west Wales that leads onward to Aberystwyth and the sea. I have come to meet one of Britain’s most loved food writers, multi […]

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Meet the food blogger: Eggs On The Roof

I started blogging about 18 months ago. I’ve been a writer, broadcaster and journalist for twenty-five years, but when you earn a living as a writer it’s odd how hard it is to find time to write about the things you love best. Food, books, art and photography are my greatest passions and it struck […]

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Barny Haughton at Square Food Foundation

The new cookery school and café at Square Food Foundation is situated in Daventry Park, Knowle West, south of Bristol, in a residential area best reached with a detailed map, clear directions and a dose of chutzpah. When you arrive you enter a huge, open-plan, purpose built cafeteria-canteen: excited children are eating their lunch, chefs […]

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