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In Thane Prince’s kitchen

Analyse the shelves of any big bookshop and you will see that the theme of larder cookery is bigger than ever before. From preserves, to cured meats, pickles, chutneys, condiments, liqueurs, charcuterie and confit, the focus of home cooking is returning to the most important repository of all our hunter-gatherer-cooking endeavours: the pantry. It is […]

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The Food Illustrator Project by David Meldrum

At The Foodie Bugle we are always interested in looking at the various ways in which food, its packaging, advertising and labelling affects us, inspires us, captivates us, and ultimately ensnares us into a purchase. When we read about David Meldrum’s Food Illustrator project we were, quite simply, bowled over with the whole concept, its […]

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New events at Deans Court

I find myself in a derelict 1930’s squash court with Sir William Hanham, thirteenth Baronet of Deans Court in Wimborne, just outside the walls of his estate. He is showing me where his new cookery school, restaurant and supper club dining room are going to be built, and how the room is going to be structured […]

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Anna Del Conte Cokking Review

As a Lombard living in Britain for a quarter of a century, there is one cookery writer whose work has influenced my life more than any other, and who I wanted to meet ever since the publication of  “Portrait of Pasta” in 1976. Since then, “The Classic Food of Northern Italy”, “The Gastronomy of Italy”, […]

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Designs and prints by Kiran Ravilious

From the moment we caught sight of Kiran Ravilious’ beautiful prints and designs on aprons, tea towels, nakpkins, cards and shopping bags, we beat a hasty retreat back to HQ to make sure she was included in our list of “must have” things for the kitchen and dining room. We love her use of bold […]

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Norfolk Saffron Risotto

We stock Norfolk Saffron, grown by Sally Francis, in The Foodie Bugle Shop, but until I contacted Sally I had no idea you could grow saffron in East Anglia, nor that it has grown there historically. A tiny amount goes a long, long way – I just use a pinch to make a golden Milanese risotto […]

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