Argan Oil Roast Potatoes with Rosemary

Arganic argan oil gives a very distinctive, nutty, rich flavour to all food. As we are stocking Dana Elemara’s delicious oil from Morocco in The Foodie Bugle Shop, we thought we would share with you our recipe for roast potatoes with rosemary and garlic. Perfect as a Sunday lunch accompaniment, the argan oil adds a lovely, unexpected depth of flavour to an otherwise simple dish.

For four people you will need:

8 King Edward potatoes, peeled and sliced into small cubes

2 squeezed garlic cloves

1 heaped tbsp. rosemary needles finely chopped

1 heaped tbsps. rosemary flowers

Sea salt and pepper

Olive oil

Arganic Oil


Heat the oven to 200 degrees C.

On a foil covered baking tray mix together the potatoes, garlic, rosemary and seasonings with a little olive oil.

Bake in the hot oven for around 30 mins, until the potatoes are fully cooked and soft.

Spoon into a serving dish and drizzle with Arganic argan oil. Sprinkle extra seasoning on top. Serve hot.

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