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You are not allowed to photograph in Baileys Home and Garden Shop at Whitecross Farm in Bridstow, just outside Ross on Wye, but we just had to take a few sneaky photos to show our readers just how beautiful it is. If recycled vintage kitchenalia, retro reproductions, monogrammed old linens, French enamelware, industrial lighting, artisanal pottery, butler’s sinks, wooden plate racks, washing up brushes and ostrich feather dusters are your homeware accessories of choice then this is the place to come. Do not die without seeing the work of Mark and Sally Bailey – it would be a travesty. They have even written three books on their vision: Recycled Home, Simple Home and Handmade Home are all published by Ryland, Peters and Small Ltd and show the vintage chic genre to its ultimate effect.

The shop is located inside a huge threshing barn which leads into a granary, cowshed and cartshed. There is even a “Tabernacle Tea Room” that serves delicious cakes and biscuits and on the way to it you will pass a huge array of reclaimed and recycled outdoor furniture all lined on gravel pathways. Never has rust and cracked paint looked so effortlessly chic.

This is not just a shop, it is a philosophy of life, a vision of sustainability and a celebration of craftsmanship. So much that is made in today’s mass consumer society is shamelessly wasted and thrown away. In these walls you will find very beautiful, long lasting, well designed, imaginative things for the home and for yourself that generations of your family will treasure. Do look out for the food section: once again, quality reigns supreme. Enjoy!

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Whitecross Farm

Bridstow HR9 6JU


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