Can You Freeze American Cheese?

Can You Freeze American Cheese?

Bread and cheese make for an excellent breakfast combination. It is one of the quickest foods you can prepare for your breakfast. But, cheese has a notorious reputation for going bad if exposed to air for extended periods. So, under such circumstances, the question of how to store and manage cheese is valid. Can you freeze American cheese?

Can You Freeze American Cheese?

Yes, you can, but before going into the details, let us briefly see what American cheese is and how it differs from other cheese.

What is American cheese?

American cheese is the most versatile and user-friendly cheese you can find. It is available in readymade slices fit for consumption immediately. Moreover, it goes well with various recipes. But cheese connoisseurs do not consider American cheese as cheese because of how it’s made.

American cheese is processed cheese and hence lasts longer than other homemade cheese. Generally, the American cheese slices come pre-wrapped, but they can last for two to three weeks because of the various preservatives that go into making American cheese.

How Do You Freeze American Cheese?

Preparing the American cheese for freezing is critical.

Step 1 – Wrap The Cheese

Usually, American cheese comes pre-wrapped. But, it is also available in an unwrapped condition. Therefore, wrapping the cheese tightly is essential to prevent air from contaminating it. You can use plastic wrap or wax paper.

Step 2 – Choose The Ideal Container

You can place the wrapped American cheese in freezer-safe ziplock bags or airtight containers. The advantage is that you provide double protection to the cheese. It is essential because cheese can absorb other food odors and go bad quickly. Concealing them in airtight freezer-safe containers prevents that from happening.

Step 3 – Label The Container

American cheese comes with an expiry date. Though freezing can extend the expiration period, it is not advisable to over freeze them. Therefore, you can label the container or freezer bags with the freezing date. It reminds you when you should use the cheese by.

Step 4 – Freeze The Cheese

Finally, place the container inside the freezer to let the cheese freeze.

Will The Original Plastic Wrapper Stick To The Cheese After Freezing?

There are chances that the original plastic wrapper can stick to the cheese during the freezing process. If you are worried about this count, you can remove the wrappers beforehand and place a layer of wax paper between two slices to prevent them from sticking to each other.

Freezing American Cheese Blocks

Unopened packs of American cheese blocks are the easiest to freeze. You can place them directly inside the freezer-safe containers and freeze them. If you have any leftover cheese, it is better to wrap them in aluminum foil and place it in the freezer bag before freezing.

Freezing American Cheese Slabs

American cheese slabs can be inconvenient to freeze in the home freezers unless you have a walk-in freezer. Therefore, we recommend dividing the cheese slabs into manageable portions before freezing. Wrapping the slabs in plastic wrap is ideal before freezing them in a large freezer bag.

Freezing Grated American Cheese

Grating American cheese allows you to divide large blocks of American cheese into manageable portions. While it is possible to freeze grated American cheese, we recommend consuming it soon because grated cheese can become brittle inside the freezer when stored for extended periods.

Grate the American cheese blocks by hand and spoon them into a freezer-safe ziplock bag. Squeeze excess air and seal the bags before freezing them.

How Do You Defrost American Cheese?

You can use the frozen cheese whenever you need it. But it requires defrosting them before use. The ideal thawing mode is to transfer the cheese from the freezer to the fridge and let it lie there for two to three hours. After that, the cheese will soften sufficiently and be ready for use in sandwiches and other recipes.

Can You Preserve American Cheese In The Refrigerator?

You can refrigerate American cheese to remain fresh for three weeks. It does not matter if the “use-by” date passes during the period. If you store it well, you can consume it safely.

Can You Store American Cheese For Extended Periods?

Purchasing pre-packed American cheese is ideal for preserving it long. Besides, you can freeze American cheese and extend its lifespan to six months without any deterioration in its quality. However, its texture and taste can change after six months.

How Do You Use Frozen American Cheese?

The best aspect of American cheese is its versatility. It does not require much preparation for the freezing process. Besides, you can use it in various recipes like sandwiches, cheesesteaks, cheeseburgers, casseroles, soups, cheese sauces, etc.

While frozen American cheese does not lose much of its taste, we recommend using fresh cheese in foods where it is the primary constituent. So, while frozen cheese is ideal for sandwiches, soup recipes taste the best with fresh cheese.

Can You Freeze Processed American Cheese?

Processed American cheese contains various preservatives that comprise more than 50% of the total cheese. It has a good shelf life. However, freezing processed American cheese is possible to increase its lifespan.

Can You Freeze Shredded American Cheese?

It is possible to freeze shredded American cheese in its original packaging if unopened. However, if you have opened the packaging, you can transfer the shredded American cheese to a resealable freezer bag and freeze it after removing excess air.

Can You Freeze Dry American Cheese?

Yes, you can freeze dry American cheese the same way you freeze regular American cheese.

Can You Freeze Kraft American Cheese?

Freezing Kraft American cheese is possible. They can retain their quality for extended periods if you freeze them the right way.

Can You Freeze American Pasteurized Process Cheese?

While freezing and thawing cheese can alter its texture and flavor, the American pasteurized process cheese has nothing to lose. Thus, there should not be any problem in freezing them.

Can You Freeze White American Cheese?

White American cheese can be frozen the same way you freeze yellow American cheese.

Final Thoughts

American cheese is one of the easiest cheeses to use in various recipes. Usually, it comes in pre-sliced forms making it convenient to place between two bread slices and consume directly. So, every American home can have adequate stock of American cheese. Therefore, the question of whether you can freeze American cheese arises. Fortunately, you can freeze American cheese and extend its lifespan considerably.

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