Can You Freeze Aquafaba?

Can You Freeze Aquafaba?

How often have you thrown away the excess water from the chickpeas can? You might answer. We do it all the time. But, do you know that you are wasting a massive resource? The liquid you are throwing away unknowingly is aquafaba, an egg white substitute in various cooking and baking techniques. So, you know its value now. You will not discard it again. But what will you do to store it? As you drain out the chickpeas can, you get substantial aquafaba for which you might not have any immediate use.

Can You Freeze Aquafaba?

Yes, it is possible to freeze aquafaba in more than a couple of ways. This article will discuss some of the best ways to freeze aquafaba. You can freeze aquafaba obtained after draining the chickpeas can. Aquafaba powder is also available for those who wish to use aquafaba but do not like beans. Besides, you can make aquafaba at home. So, let us learn how to maximize the use of aquafaba and freeze it for various purposes.

Can You Refrigerate Aquafaba?

Aquafaba can remain fresh in the fridge for two to three days. If you need extended storage, freezing it is better.

How Do You Freeze Aquafaba?

You might not have use of all the aquafaba collected from the chickpeas can. But, we advise you not to discard them because you can freeze them for use later.

Aquafaba is an egg white substitute. Here is how it measures up.

  1. One egg white equals two tablespoons of aquafaba.
  2. One whole egg is equivalent to three tablespoons of aquafaba.

Freezing Aquafaba In Bulk

  1. Take a freezer-safe ziplock bag and pour the aquafaba into it. We suggest measuring the liquid before you freeze it. It can prove handy later on.
  2. Remove excess air before sealing the ziplock bag.
  3. Label the bag and freeze the aquafaba.

Freezing Aquafaba In Ice Cube Trays

The ice cube tray is the best method for freezing aquafaba. You can use the measurements above to fill the ice cube tray compartments accordingly.

  1. Measure the appropriate amount of aquafaba into the cube compartments. Wrap the ice cube tray with clingfilm to prevent the aquafaba from spilling over. The clingfilm layer also protects the aquafaba from freezer burn. Place the ice cube tray into the freezer to flash freeze the aquafaba.
  2. Once frozen, you can remove them and transfer them to a ziplock bag or an airtight plastic container.
  3. Note down the quantity of aquafaba on the freezer bag for convenience.
  4. Remove the excess air and seal the bags well.
  5. Label the bags with the date and place them inside the freezer.

Noting the date is helpful because you can remove the aquafaba frozen the earliest when you need them. It is also possible to freeze aquafaba dishes like aquafaba meringue, aquafaba mayo, etc. We shall discuss them later in this article.

How Long Will The Frozen Aquafaba Last?

Aquafaba can last in the frozen state for three to four months. Subsequently, it acquires a freezer taste. Therefore, we recommend consuming it as quickly as possible.

How Do You Defrost The Frozen Aquafaba?

Defrosting aquafaba is not an issue. You can remove the frozen aquafaba from the freezer and place it in a bowl on the kitchen countertop at room temperature. The aquafaba will thaw naturally.

We do not recommend using a microwave for defrosting aquafaba. It can change its critical properties.

However, if you have frozen aquafaba with meringue, we advise defrosting the aquafaba in the refrigerator. You can remove the aquafaba, transfer it to another container in the fridge, and let it defrost overnight. You can use the room temperature defrosting method if you do not have time. You can also defrost aquafaba meringue in a microwave.

Can You Refreeze Aquafaba?

Technically, you can refreeze aquafaba after defrosting it. However, it would not be necessary to freeze aquafaba in egg-sized portions, as discussed earlier.

Can You Freeze Whipped Aquafaba?

Please remember that anything involving oil or air does not freeze well. Whipping aquafaba removes the air content, leaving you with dry aquafaba. Therefore, it is not recommended to freeze whipped aquafaba. Instead, you can freeze it first and then whip it fresh.

Can You Freeze Aquafaba Whipped Cream?

You can freeze aquafaba whipped cream immediately after whipping it. The cream will remain fresh and fluffy in the freezer. Then, you can use it in your ice creams.

Can You Freeze Aquafaba Mousse?

Aquafaba mousse does not freeze well because you whip the aquafaba while preparing the aquafaba mousse. Hence, we do not recommend freezing aquafaba mousse.

Can You Freeze Aquafaba Meringue?

Aquafaba meringue freezes well. The process involves lining up the meringues in an airtight container with greaseproof paper. Next, you can cover the meringues with another greaseproof layer to place more meringues. Keep repeating until the box is full. Next, wrap the package with greaseproof paper and place it inside a freezer bag. Remove air and freeze. Aquafaba meringue can remain unaffected for one month.

Can You Freeze Aquafaba Water?

You can freeze aquafaba water. It is another name for aquafaba. We have discussed the freezing method in detail here.

Can You Freeze Aquafaba Mayo?

Mayonnaise does not freeze well. When frozen, it becomes oily and splits during the defrosting process. You can whisk it and restore its consistency. But, we do not recommend freezing aquafaba mayo. Instead, you can freeze aquafaba separately and add mayo whenever necessary.

Can You Freeze The Readymade Aquafaba Dried Powder?

There is no need to freeze the readymade aquafaba dried powder because it can remain fresh in the covered tin for an extended period. You can use the aquafaba powder to prepare aquafaba whenever you want.

How Do You Use Aquafaba?

Aquafaba is a white egg replacement. Vegans can use aquafaba instead of eggs when making cakes and other foods that require egg whites.

Final Words

Aquafaba has versatile use as a white egg replacement. So, vegans who do not consume eggs have an ideal substitute in aquafaba when preparing cakes and pastries that require egg whites. So, the next time you buy a chickpea can, do not throw away the liquid. Instead, use the aquafaba in your recipes. So, can you freeze aquafaba? Yes, you can.

Image Source : Mangostaniko, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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