Can You Freeze Candied Apples?

Can You Freeze Candied Apples?

A candy apple consists of a whole apple having a sugary coating on its surface. Candied apples have a stick inserted into their center to make them easy for consumption. While the coating is crispy, the apple itself is crunchy. The fantastic combination of sweet candies and the naturally sour-sweet apples make for an amazing treat. It is an irresistible dessert that people would love to store. So, how can you store candied apples? Is it possible to refrigerate them, or can you freeze candied apples? Read on to know the answers to all these questions and many more.

We shall look at two exciting ways of storing candy apples, the long-term and the short-term.

We shall start with long-term storage.

So, Can You Freeze Candied Apples?

You can freeze candied apples. But, you should ensure they do not come in contact with air. It can cause freezer burn and spoil the apple. But, candied apples are delicious enough to keep frozen for extended periods. So, instead of freezing candied apples, it is always better to refrigerate them because you should enjoy them as fresh as possible and straight out of the fridge. So, let us see how to store candied apples for the long term.

Step 1 – Separate The Apples And Prevent Them From Sticking

Candied apples can stick to each other because of the sugary layer. Hence, it is crucial to separate them. The best method is to use wax paper. Besides, wax paper can help them remain cool and dry in the fridge for extended periods. It is better if the wax paper sticks to the sugar coating and covers the entire apple. A rubber bank can prove helpful in tying the stick to the wax paper.

It is advisable not to use plastic wrap for long-term storage because it can affect the dessert’s taste.

Step 2 – Store The Apples In An Airtight Container

The candied apples can become tacky because of the dampness in the refrigerator. Tupperware containers are the best because they are airtight. Zip-lock bags are also an excellent option because they can keep the air out. Place the apples carefully inside the container. Remove the air and seal them properly.

Step 3 – Refrigerate The Apples

If you are going to consume the apples within an hour, you need not refrigerate them. However, if you won’t be eating them soon, it is better to refrigerate the apples. This is because the candied apples can remain fresh and tasty for two weeks. Nevertheless, we recommend that you consume them quickly enough. Keeping them for more than two weeks can spoil the candied apple.

Step 4 – Remove The Refrigerated Apples 45 Minutes Before Eating

Removing the refrigerated candied apples at least 45 minutes before consuming them is better. Thawing the apple to room temperature allows you to easily cut through the frozen candy.

How Do You Store Candied Apples For The Short Term?

Step 1 – Wrap The Candied Apples In Cellophane

Protecting the candy apple from dust and other contaminants is critical. So, we recommend wrapping the candied apple in cellophane paper. Tying a ribbon around the stick helps keep the cellophane paper in place. Besides, it adds to the attraction quotient. While it is better to cover the apple completely, you can leave the stick portion uncovered.

Step 2 – Keep The Apples In A Covered Container

Storing the candied apples in a covered container protects the apples from bumps and environmental contaminants.

Step 3 – Store The Candied Apples Away From Heat And Light

It is advisable to store the candied apples away from heat and light. Therefore, you should not place them near windows, heating vents, etc., because the candied coating can melt.

If you are going to consume the apples within an hour, it is better not to refrigerate them. However, refrigerating them is better if you are going to eat them after an hour.

How Do You Know If The Candied Apples Have Turned Bad?

The candied apples should be crispy when cut. However, if they are brown, it is clear that the apples have turned bad. Therefore, it is not advisable to consume bad apples.

What Are The Best Apples To Use For Preparing Candied Apples?

You can use green and red apples for preparing candied apples. The crunchier the apples, the better they are. Jazz apples are the best. But, if you wish to have a sweet taste, you can try Gala apples.

Do Candy Apples Expire?

If you store the candied apples properly, they can last comfortably for three to five weeks.

How Do You Remove The Wax From The Apple When Preparing Candied Apples?

Removing wax from the apple is easy. Dipping the apples in hot water for a few seconds can remove the wax.

Can You Store Half-Eaten Candy Apples In The Fridge?

Half-eaten apples turn brown on exposure to air. So, if you can manage to wrap the apple properly, you can store it for some time in the fridge.

Can The Sugar Coating Harden On Freezing?

Yes, the sugar coating can harden within ten minutes of freezing.

Can You Refreeze Candied Apples?

We do not recommend refreezing candied apples because the process can affect their texture.

What Is The Difference Between Caramelized And Candied Apples?

The ingredients are the same for candied and caramel apples, except the coating. Caramel apples have a caramel coating, whereas candied apples have a candy coating. In addition, candy apples have a hard shell, whereas caramel apples have a buttery and soft exterior.

What Can Happen If You Do Not Store Candied Apples Properly?

The candied apples can turn brown if you do not store them properly. It is because of exposure to air.

Why Do Candied Apples Tend To Go Bad Quicker Than Regular Apples?

Candied apples have a stick inserted inside them. Therefore, they are exposed to air. Hence, they tend to go bad quicker than regular apples.

Final Thoughts

Candied apples are delicious treats that no one would like to waste. Therefore, storing them properly is paramount. We have discussed short-term and long-term storage in this article. Preventing exposure to air is crucial to maintaining the candied apples fresh for extended periods. While you can freeze candied apples, refrigerating them can help maintain the freshness for three to five weeks. Thus, you can enjoy the dessert to your heart’s content.

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