Can You Freeze Cheesecake?

Can You Freeze Cheesecake?

Quick Answer : Can You Freeze Cheesecake?

You can freeze cheesecake, homemade, or store-bought. However, we suggest holding off the toppings if you freeze homemade cheesecake. You can add them later before serving. It ensures that the cheesecake tastes as good as fresh. The sugar and fruit toppings can make the cheesecake mushy after defrosting.

Nevertheless, cheesecakes freeze well. So, there should be no issues freezing them for later consumption. Let us, therefore, see how to freeze the cheesecakes.

How Do You Freeze Cheesecakes?

Freezing cheesecakes is easy. However, you must take specific precautions to ensure hassle-free freezing.

Freezing Homemade Cheesecake

Freezing homemade cheesecake is the best because you can hold on to the toppings and add them later.

  1. Bake the cheesecake well and let it cool down to room temperature.
  2. We do not advise keeping the warm cheesecake inside the freezer because the condensation can cause the cheesecakes to become soggy after defrosting. Secondly, cheesecakes absorb other food odors. Finally, warm cheesecake can alter the freezer temperatures and spoil other foods inside the freezer.
  3. Depending on personal preferences, you can freeze the cheesecakes or slice them into consumable portions.
  4. Once the cheesecakes cool to room temperature, we advise placing them inside the refrigerator, allowing the cake to set.
  5. Chilled cheesecakes are ideal for slicing and freezing.
  6. Freezing the cheesecake entirely is possible. Place it on a dish or a cardboard plate before wrapping it well with cling film. We advise wrapping each slice with plastic film if you freeze the individual pieces.
  7. Provide additional protection by wrapping the entire cake or the individual slices in aluminum foil.
  8. Note the freezing date before placing the wrapped cakes in the freezer, allowing them to freeze well.

Freezing Store-Bought Cheesecakes

Freezing store-bought cheesecakes require you to exercise greater care. Usually, you cannot freeze the cheesecakes in their original cartons directly because the cakes are not wrapped to prevent exposure to moisture.

  1. Place the cakes inside the refrigerator for a few hours allowing the icing to solidify.
  2. Remove the cheesecakes from their original cartons and wrap them with cling film. You can slice the cheesecakes depending on individual preferences. Under such circumstances, we advise wrapping each cheesecake slice with plastic wrap.
  3. Additional protection is recommended by wrapping the cakes in aluminum before placing them inside the freezer to freeze.

How Long Can You Freeze The Cheesecake Without Affecting Its Quality?

Usually, frozen cheesecakes last for a month. However, if you are not very concerned about quality control, you can extend the freezing to two months. The cakes can lose their consistency, but the taste remains intact.

How Do You Defrost The Frozen Cheesecake?

You can thaw the frozen cheesecake in the fridge overnight. Then, transfer the cakes from the freezer to the refrigerator and let them defrost for six to eight hours.

Alternatively, you can defrost the cheesecakes at room temperature for two to four hours. You can add the toppings after the defrosting to serve them as good as fresh.

Can You Refreeze Cheesecakes?

No. We do not advise refreezing cheesecakes because they can lose their consistency and become soggy with repeated freezing and thawing. Therefore, we suggest slicing them into consumable pieces before freezing. Then, you can defrost the required quantity and let the others continue freezing in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Cheesecake Batter?

Yes. You can freeze the cheesecake batter and bake the cheesecake later. The batter can remain fresh for two to three months. However, as the batter cannot stay in the refrigerator for more than two to three days, we suggest freezing it if you wish to preserve it for extended periods.

Can You Freeze Cheesecake From The Cheesecake Shop?

Yes. You can freeze cheesecake from the cheesecake shop. If possible, you can try to remove the toppings because they can interfere with the freezing process. Otherwise, we recommend refrigerating the cheesecakes for a couple of hours to allow the cream to set well. Also, it ensures hassle-free wrapping because wet cheese or cream can stick to the plastic film.

Can You Freeze Cheesecake Bars?

You can freeze cheesecake bars, provided you wrap them tightly with plastic film and aluminum wrap.

Can You Freeze Cheesecake To Set?

The cheesecake recipe demands setting the cheesecake to enable easy freezing. Though it seems tempting to freeze the cheesecake to set it faster, we suggest setting the cake at the fridge temperature. You need the cheesecake to set and not freeze. Once the cake has set well, you can wrap it in cling film and aluminum foil before freezing it.

Can You Freeze Cheesecake Bites?

Mini cheesecake bites are delicious. So, if you have a large stack of cheesecake bites, you can refrigerate them for a week. Freezing them in airtight containers or ziplock bags is ideal for extended storage.

Can You Freeze Cheesecakes In The Pan?

You can freeze cheesecakes in the pan, provided you cool it well and set it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Then, wrap the pan with the cheesecake in cling film and another protective layer before freezing for one month in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Cheesecake With Cream?

Yes. You can freeze cheesecake with cream. First, chilling the cheesecakes in the fridge allows the cream to set well. Then, it becomes easy to wrap the cheesecakes and freeze them.

Can You Freeze Cheesecake With Sour Cream Topping?

We do not recommend freezing cheesecake with sour cream topping because the sour cream does not freeze well. Instead, you can freeze the cheesecake separately and add the sour cream topping after defrosting.

Can You Freeze Cheesecake Biscuit Base?

Yes. It is possible to freeze the cheesecake biscuit base for three months. Wrap the base well with a double cling film layer or aluminum foil before freezing it.

Can You Freeze Cheesecake With Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream freezes well. So, you can freeze cheesecake with whipped cream.

Can You Freeze Cheesecake With Fruit Topping?

Generally, we do not recommend freezing the cheesecake with fruit topping because the fruits can get mushy and spoil the cheesecake’s texture and taste. Instead, you can freeze the cheesecake separately and add the fruit toppings before serving.

Final Thoughts

Cheesecakes are best consumed fresh and hot from the oven. However, if you have prepared cheesecakes in excess, you can freeze them and finish them later. But, we suggest not to freeze the toppings as they interfere with the freezing process and affect the cheesecake’s texture.

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