Can You Freeze Coconut Oil?

Can You Freeze Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is an excellent addition to almost all cuisines, especially South India. It is full of healthy fats that play a significant role in developing brain cells. Besides, it is excellent for the skin. People use it to nourish their hair. Moreover, it has medicinal properties as it serves as an antiseptic when used with turmeric on open wounds. Therefore, every house would have adequate coconut oil stocked up for various uses.

Can You Freeze Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil freezes very quickly. Even if the temperatures go down in winter to single digits, you find coconut oil solidifying inside their bottles. But, the question is whether frozen coconut oil lasts sufficiently long? Can you use frozen coconut oil the same way you use it in liquid form? We shall look at these aspects in this article.

How Do You Freeze Coconut Oil In The Freezer?

Generally, people have the wrong notion that they freeze food items to increase their shelf life alone. On the contrary, freezing makes it easier to use in recipes and other applications. For example, coconut oil can solidify at room temperature in the winter months. Therefore, it can become messy to remove the required amount of oil. So, freezing coconut oil in small quantities proves helpful.

Here Is How You Freeze Coconut Oil In The Freezer.

Step 1 – Melt The Coconut Oil

If you find coconut oil solidified in its bottle, you can heat it gently to enable it to flow smoothly.

Step 2 – Apportion It Into Ice Cubes

Pour the coconut oil into an ice cube tray or use silicone molds. Leave some space at the top for the freezing oil to expand. It simplifies the removal process. Besides, oil does not spill over into the freezer to cause a mess.

Step 3 – Flash Freeze The Coconut Oil

Place the ice tray inside the freezer and allow the oil to freeze. An hour or two should be sufficient for the oil to freeze.

Step 4 – Transfer The Cubes To A Freezer Bag

Remove the ice cube tray and transfer the individual cubes into a zip-lock bag. Remove excess ait by pressing the bag gently. You can use a vacuum pump to remove air.

Step 5 – Label The Bags And Freeze

Seal the zip-lock bags tightly and label them with the ingredient’s name and the freezing date. It helps in identifying the contents when you wish to remove them. Next, place the freezer bags into the freezer and continue with the freezing process.

You can remove the required quantity and reseal the bag whenever you need coconut oil for usage.

How Long Does Coconut Oil Remain Frozen In The Freezer?

Generally, coconut oil remains good without spoiling for up to two years in the kitchen closet. Freezing coconut oil increases its shelf life to even five years. However, you should look for signs of spoiling, drying out, cracking, or flaking at regular intervals.

How To Defrost Coconut Oil?

Defrosting coconut oil is easy. However, if you wish to use coconut oil as part of the cuisine, you need not defrost it. Instead, you can directly transfer the cubes to the pan and see them melt as the pan heats up.

Alternatively, you can place the coconut oil cubes in a cup at room temperature. It will melt but take more time. You cannot defrost coconut oil inside the fridge because the temperature inside the refrigerator is not high enough to melt coconut oil.

You can also defrost coconut oil in the microwave. However, it is better to stir it every few seconds until the oil melts thoroughly.

Can You Refreeze Coconut Oil?

Though coconut oil freezes well, it can show signs of degradation if you freeze it repeatedly. Coconut oil is stable and does not degrade quickly, but there is no guarantee that it will not. So, we do not recommend refreezing coconut oil.

Can You Freeze Organic Coconut Oil?

Yes, the freezing process of organic coconut oil and processed coconut oil is the same.

Can You Freeze Infused Coconut Oil?

You can freeze infused coconut oil in the same way as regular coconut oil. But, the chances of infused coconut oil-degrading are higher. Therefore, it is better to store infused coconut oil in the kitchen cupboard.

What Is The Freezing Temperature Of Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil freezes at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. It is around 24 degrees Celsius. If the temperature goes below the freezing point, coconut oil starts to solidify.

Can You Refrigerate Coconut Oil To Maintain Its Freshness?

Coconut oil can solidify inside the fridge because the temperatures inside the refrigerator are lower than its freezing point. It is the equivalent of freezing them. As a result, coconut oil solidifies in the fridge, making it hard to use.

Does Coconut Oil Go Bad?

Coconut oil does not go bad quickly. It can remain fresh for even three to four months at room temperature. If you seal the bottle well and store it in a dark place, it lasts much longer. Besides, you can freeze it to enhance its shelf life.

How Do You Know That Coconut Oil Has Spoiled?

Generally, coconut oil is a clear liquid. However, exposure to air continuously can cause the oil to go rancid. Under such circumstances, you can feel the coconut oil turning opaque. It acquires a pale yellow color and becomes chunky, similar to curdled milk. Rancid coconut oil has an offensive smell. These signs indicate that coconut oil has become rotten and should be consumed. However, you can use it for other purposes.

How Do You Use Rancid Coconut Oil?

Consuming rancid coconut oil is unhealthy as it can cause food poisoning. But you can use it as a lubricant. It prevents rust formation and prevents squeaky hinges. Besides, it is also helpful for lighting lamps.

Can You Use Expired Coconut Oil For Cooking?

The dates on the coconut oil containers are “Best for use by” dates. So, the coconut oil does not degrade or spoil immediately after its expiry date. You can still use them for cooking because it does not develop an off-putting odor. However, it is not recommended to use rancid coconut oil that can smell differently.

Final Thoughts

Coconut oil is an essential cooking ingredient. So, it is natural for every house to store coconut oil. Though it remains fresh for two years, freezing coconut oil extends its potency considerably. So, can you freeze coconut oil? Yes, you can.

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