Can You Freeze Hazelnuts?

Can You Freeze Hazelnuts?

Quick Answer : Can You Freeze Hazelnuts?

You can freeze hazelnuts. Even otherwise, hazelnuts have a long lifespan of more than eight months, especially if you store them in a dry place. So, if you wish to keep hazelnuts for extended periods, freezing them is ideal. Maybe, the frozen hazelnuts might not taste the same raw after freezing. But, you can always use them in your recipes. So, let us learn how to freeze hazelnuts the right way.

How Do You Freeze Hazelnuts?

The best part of freezing hazelnuts is that they freeze well. The nuts do not require much preparation because the freezing process is straightforward.

  1. We suggest choosing the apt containers for freezing hazelnuts. If you love your frozen hazelnuts to remain undamaged, we recommend using a plastic or glass container. However, you can use freezer bags if you do not mind your hazelnuts scuffed up. But, it does not make any difference to its taste. They taste the same, either way.
  2. Hazelnuts can stick to each other and form clumps when freezing. Therefore, flash-freezing them for a couple of hours prevents it from happening. Place the hazelnuts on a tray in a single layer ensuring they do not touch each other. Push the baking tray into the freezer allowing the hazelnuts to solidify.
  3. Once solidified, you can remove them from the tray and place them inside a freezer bag. As suggested earlier, you can also store the hazelnuts in airtight plastic or glass containers.
  4. Expel as much air as possible from the freezer bags before sealing them tight. Vacuum sealing the bags is a good idea because it ensures the complete removal of air. If you are storing it in containers, closing the lids airtight should suffice.
  5. Note the freezing date because it can prove handy. You will be freezing it for a long time. So, it is better if you know when you froze them. Then, you can remove as many hazelnuts as required, allowing the rest to remain frozen.

How Long Can You Freeze Hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts have a long lifespan in the kitchen cabinet. However, freezing them properly extends their lifespan by four more months. Hence, you can comfortably freeze the hazelnuts for twelve months, provided you protect them from air and moisture.

How Do You Defrost The Frozen Hazelnuts?

The only way to defrost hazelnuts is to transfer them from the freezer into a bowl inside the refrigerator. The temperature difference allows the nuts to defrost gradually and naturally. The process takes time, but there is no other option available to expedite the process. So, we advise planning the consumption well.

Can You Refreeze Hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts can change their texture after freezing. So, we do not recommend refreezing them because it can damage their surface irrevocably. They can appear scuffed off. They become softer after the initial freezing. Refreezing can make them worse.

Does Freezing Affect Hazelnuts?

Freezing hazelnuts does not cause any change in their taste. But, the texture can change, especially if you freeze them in freezer bags. Therefore, we suggest using glass or plastic containers, primarily if you have adequate space in the freezer.

So, hazelnuts do not taste the same after freezing as they were raw. But, the difference would not be noticeable if you used them in recipes. So, you can use the frozen hazelnuts for cooking and baking recipes.

Can You Freeze Hazelnut Creamer?

Yes. It is possible to freeze hazelnut creamer in an ice cube tray. We advise covering the tray with plastic foil and flash-freezing for some hours in the freezer. Once the cubes solidify, you can remove them and freeze them in large freezer bags in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Hazelnut Milk?

Hazelnut milk is delicious and a perfect alternative to dairy or soy milk. Chocolates made from hazelnut milk taste delicious. The creamy texture gives them the same taste like Nutella. However, the most significant drawback of hazelnut milk is that you cannot freeze it. The milk separates and leaves a grainy texture. Besides, it is not advisable to refrigerate hazelnut milk because of the separation issue. So, we do not recommend freezing hazelnut milk.

Can You Freeze Hazelnut Spread?

Freezing hazelnut spread is similar to freezing Nutella. You can place the hazelnut spread in its original packaging inside the freezer. The plastic containers do not crack. You can use large plastic or glass containers to store large quantities of hazelnut spread. However, you need sufficient space in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Hazelnut Meringue?

Yes. You can freeze hazelnut meringue, provided you wrap them properly in cling film. The hazelnut meringue can remain frozen fresh for one month.

Can You Freeze Hazelnut Coffee Creamer?

Yes. It is possible to freeze hazelnut coffee creamer the same way we freeze hazelnut creamer. You can use ice cube trays or silicone trays for freezing hazelnut coffee creamer.

Can You Freeze Hazelnuts In The Shell?

Yes. You can freeze hazelnuts in their shells, provided you store them in plastic or airtight glass containers. Freezing hazelnuts in freezer bags can cause the shells to come off.

Can You Freeze Hazelnut Slices?

You can freeze hazelnut slices. But, we recommend wrapping each piece with plastic wrap. An additional protective cover in aluminum foil is better to protect them from exposure to moisture. Then, place the wrapped hazelnut slices in an airtight container inside the freezer to freeze.

Can You Freeze Hazelnut Cake?

Yes. It is possible to freeze hazelnut cake. Please wrap the cake tightly with plastic and aluminum foil for extra protection. Please place it in an airtight container or freezer bag inside the freezer.

Can You Freeze Hazelnut Yogurt?

Hazelnut yogurt does not have enough fat to make it creamy. However, you can freeze the fat-free hazelnut yogurt in containers.

Can You Freeze Hazelnut Butter?

You can freeze hazelnut butter in airtight containers. But the butter never freezes solid because of the oils in hazelnuts. However, freezing hazelnut butter is the best way to maintain its freshness.

Final Thoughts

Hazelnuts are nutritious to have any time of the day. Therefore, hazelnuts can be stored in the kitchen cabinet for long periods. But, if you wish to extend its lifespan to twelve months, freezing hazelnuts is advisable. The best feature of hazelnuts is that they freeze well.

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