Can You Freeze Jello Shots?

Can You Freeze Jello Shots?

If you need a suitable alternative to drinking alcohol, jello shots should be perfect because they give you a delectable combination of alcohol and flavored jello powder. The advantage of preparing jello shots at home is that you can use the alcohol of your choice. For example, if you love rum, you can have rum. On the other hand, vodka lovers can have vodka in their jello shots. The option extends to alcoholic drinks like gin, whiskey, tequila, brandy, etc.

Jello shots are excellent for a party because you can prepare different flavors and have a great time with a cocktail. So, it is natural that you end up with more jello shots than you need for a party or gathering. Therefore, the question pops up, “Can you freeze jello shots?”

Can You Freeze Jello Shots?

You can freeze jello shots, but the process is not as straightforward as freezing fruit juice or water. First, Jello shots are gelatinous, which makes them freeze uniquely. Besides, alcohol does not freeze quickly. Secondly, when frozen, the texture of jello shots gets altered and the flavor diluted.

Before freezing jello shots, it is better to know that alcohol needs temperatures as low as -143.7 degrees Fahrenheit to -97.6 degrees Fahrenheit to freeze. Generally, domestic freezers do not work at such low temperatures, but commercial freezers can.

How Do You Freeze Jello Shots?

While it is challenging to freeze jello shots, the process is not complicated.

You prepare the jello shots using the alcohol of your choice and freeze them directly in their packaging. Use small resealable plastic bags and pour the mixture into them. Leave some space for the liquid to expand during the freezing process.

You can seal the bags and note the freezing date when packing the jello shots. Then, place them inside the freezer to start the freezing process.

However, you should not freeze the jello shots for more than a few weeks. Both gelatin, a protein that changes liquid to Jell-O, and alcohol, do not freeze solid at the temperatures attained by domestic freezers. Freezing gelatin for an extended period can cause the shots to become soggy and mushy.

Please understand that jello shots do not freeze fully. However, defrosting them is essential.

How Do You Defrost Jello Shots?

Please remove the partially frozen jello shots from the freezer and transfer them to the fridge. It is ideal for defrosting various food items, but it consumes time. Therefore, we recommend starting overnight to have the jello shots thawed by the following morning.

It can be tempting to defrost the jello shots by placing them directly from the freezer at room temperature. However, we never recommend you do that because the sudden temperature change can alter the texture and make the jello shots watery.

You can consume jello shots directly or add them to your drinks to spice them up on defrosting.

How Long Do Frozen Jello Shots Remain In The Frozen State?

Jello shots can be placed in the freezer for four months without becoming soft.

How Long Do Thawed Jello Shots Remain Fresh In The Fridge?

For four days, Jello shots can remain in the partially frozen state inside the refrigerator.

Can You Refreeze Jello Shots?

We do not recommend refreezing jello shots because the process can alter their texture and flavor.

How Do You Prevent The Jello Shots From Sticking To The Cup Surface?

Greasing the shot glasses can help prevent the jello shots from sticking to the cup surface. Alternatively, you can coat each mold with a non-stick spray before pouring the alcoholic content into them.

Can You Make Jello Shots In Ice Cube Trays?

You can use ice cube trays for making jello shots. Then, it becomes easy to freeze them.

How Long Can Jello Shots Stay Fresh Out Of The Fridge?

Generally, jello shots should be refrigerated. They cannot remain good in warm weather even for 45 minutes.

Which Is Better – Refrigerating Or Freezing Jello Shots?

Freezing jello shots is not a bright idea because the alcohol in the jello shots cannot freeze fully in the domestic freezers where the temperature does not go below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can refrigerate them well. Chilling them is better if you have to choose between refrigerating and freezing jello shots.

Do Jello Shots Freeze Well?

The jello shots do not freeze well. Gelatin, the primary ingredient in jello shots, expands and ruins the jello shot’s shape. It also alters its texture because freezing disrupts gelatin’s chemical structure and makes it crystallize.

Can You Freeze Leftover Jello Shots?

Though it is not advisable to freeze leftover jello shots, you can technically freeze them.

Can You Freeze Vodka Jello Shots?

Jello shots can contain different types of alcohol. Vodka jello shots are similar to regular jello shots. Though we do not recommend freezing vodka jello shots, you can freeze them if you are committed to doing so.

Do Jello Shots Freeze Solid?

Jello shots do not freeze solids because the temperatures in the domestic freezer are not sufficient to freeze the alcohol content fully.

Can You Freeze Rum Jello Shots?

Rum jello shots are similar to vodka jello shots. So, the freezing process is the same. Like vodka, rum also does not freeze well. Hence, we do not recommend freezing rum jello shots.

How Do You Make Jello Shots Set Faster?

You can add ice instead of cold water to help quicken the jello shots setting times. Using vodka or alcohol can also help set it fast.

Final Thoughts

Jello shots offer a fun way of drinking alcohol. You can pop them in a glass of water and enjoy the taste of whiskey, rum, vodka, or any alcohol you love. This article should have cleared all doubts about freezing jello shots. So, can you freeze jello shots? Yes, you can. However, we do not recommend freezing jello shots because they can damage their texture and make them mushy. Storing them in a refrigerator with tight-fitting lids extends their lifespan. However, if you have a commercial walk-in freezer, it is possible to solidify and freeze jello shots much better.

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