Can You Freeze Kugel?

Can You Freeze Kugel?

Quick Answer : Can You Freeze Kugel?

Yes. All types of kugel freeze well. It includes the potato kugel that many people do not like to freeze because they taste the best when served hot. So, if you have ever been to a Jewish home and tasted their cuisine, you will know that kugel ranks at the top of all Jewish recipes. Rarely would you find a Jewish home without kugel in the refrigerator? So, let us discuss how to freeze the delicious kugel and consume them whenever we wish to.

How Do You Freeze Kugel?

Kugel is a Jewish savory pudding prepared from potatoes and other vegetables. Vegetable dishes usually taste best when served hot straight from the oven. But, kugel is an exception because you can serve it hot and cold, whichever way you like it. So, here is how you freeze kugel.

  1. Bake the kugel and allow it to cool before starting the freezing process. We do not advise freezing hot or warm kugel because it can affect the freezer temperature and the other foods freezing there. Besides, the condensation effect can make the kugel soggy and messy to eat. So, let the kugel cool down. Then, you can place the vessel in a cold water bowl to expedite the cooling process.
  2. Meanwhile, collect appropriately sized freezer bags and plastic containers for freezing the kugel. Some kugels, like the noodle-based kugel, need wrapping with aluminum foil. You can cover other kugel too to protect them from moisture and air exposure.
  3. Distribute the kugel into consumable portions as no one would like to waste this delicious recipe.
  4. Scoop the kugel into airtight plastic containers. If you have wrapped them, please place the wrapped kugel in ziplock bags or other suitable containers.
  5. Please expel excess air from the plastic containers and ziplock freezer bags before sealing them airtight.
  6. Stick the freezing date label on the bags before keeping them in the freezer.

How Long Can You Keep Kugel Frozen?

It depends on the ingredients used in preparing the kugel. Generally, kugel can remain frozen without compromising its texture and taste for one month.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Kugel?

We suggest defrosting kugel the traditional way by transferring it from the freezer to the refrigerator overnight. The frozen kugel takes time to defrost. However, it is the best method because rushing through defrosting can harm its texture.

However, we do not recommend defrosting potato kugel because potatoes can become grainy when defrosted. Therefore, the best method is to remove the potato kugel from the freezer and transfer it to the oven. First, pour a cup of seltzer over the frozen kugel and cover it tightly. Next, place the pan inside the conventional oven preheated to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and let it bake overnight.

Can You Reheat Frozen Kugel?

Once the kugel is thawed completely, you can reheat the kugel before serving. Ideally, you reheat it in a microwave or a conventional oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, check whether the kugel has heated through before serving.

How Do You Heat Frozen, Unbaked Kugel?

You can cook the frozen unbaked kugel the same way you deal with potato kugel. First, remove the kugel from the freezer and transfer it to the oven preheated to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, add a cup of seltzer to the frozen kugel and allow it to cook in the oven overnight for about eight to ten hours. It should be ready for consumption the following morning.

Can You Refreeze Kugel?

We do not advise refreezing the defrosted kugel because repeated freezing and thawing can disturb its texture and make it unpalatable.

Can You Refrigerate Kugel?

Yes. You can refrigerate the kugel if you plan to consume it within two to three days. Otherwise, freezing it is better.

Can You Freeze Matzo Kugel?

You can freeze matzo kugel after taking the necessary precautions. Though it freezes well, we suggest double wrapping it with plastic or aluminum foil to prevent freezer burn. But, refrigerating it is better if you plan to consume the matzo kugel quickly within five to seven days.

Can You Freeze Noodle Kugel Before Baking?

Yes. You can freeze noodle kugel before or after baking. However, we advise wrapping the kugel in plastic wrap to prevent exposure to moisture that can cause freezer burn. The frozen noodle kugel can remain for one month without compromising its texture and taste.

Can You Freeze Apple Kugel?

You can freeze the apple kugel the same way as the matzo kugel. Once frozen, you must defrost and serve at room temperature. Then, you can heat it until it becomes warm.

Can You Freeze Potato Kugel?

Yes. It is possible to freeze the potato kugel. While potato kugels taste the best when served hot from the oven, you can freeze them for later consumption. However, we do not recommend defrosting the potato kugel. Instead, you can reheat it directly from the freezer to the oven.

Can You Freeze Broccoli Kugel?

It is possible to freeze broccoli kugel. However, if you are unsure about consuming broccoli kugel within five days, we advise you to freeze it.

Can You Freeze Kugel With Mayonnaise?

No. We never recommend freezing kugel with mayonnaise because mayo separates after defrosting to damage the kugel’s texture. However, add mayonnaise before serving the kugel instead of freezing it.

Can You Freeze Carrot Kugel?

Yes. It is possible to freeze carrot kugel because all kinds of kugel freeze well. However, we suggest you rewarm it correctly because you could burn it.

Can You Freeze Butternut Kugel?

You can freeze butternut kugel the way described here and consume it within one month.

Can You Freeze Farfel Kugel?

Farfel kugel is similar to matzo kugel. You can freeze it the same way. However, wrapping it well is crucial to prevent freezer burn.

Can You Freeze Kugel Made With Cottage Cheese And Eggs?

Eggs and cottage cheese are the key ingredients of kugel. You can freeze the kugel to maintain it fresh for a month.

Final Thoughts

Kugel is so delicious that you can have it as a side dish, dessert, or even the main dish. So, you could have prepared excess kugel that you would not like to waste. If you are looking for preservation options, we advise freezing it. Yes. You can freeze kugel.

Image Source : PeteravivangelCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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