Can You Freeze Little Smokies?

Can You Freeze Little Smokies?

If you are looking for a quick grab, the regular-sized sausages can be large and filling. The little smokies or the smoked cocktail wieners should be perfect. Little smokies, also known as miniature sausages, come in different varieties, like pork or beef. They are versatile dishes because you can cook them in various ways, like frying, baking, simmering, and slow cooking. The exciting aspect is that they taste excellent whichever way you cook them.

Since they are tasty, you might order more than what you can consume at a time. So, do you discard the leftovers? No, you need not do so because you can store the little smokies in various ways. Is freezing the mini sausages a viable option?

Can You Freeze Little Smokies?

Yes, you can freeze little smokies without any problem. Freezing the cocktail sausages is one of the best ways of keeping them safe.

How Do You Freeze The Little Smokies?

You can freeze the little smokies in many ways.

Freezing Raw Little Smokies

If you have bought a packet of raw mini sausages, there is no need to cook the entire batch. Instead, you can comfortably freeze the raw little smokies in the freezer and consume them later.

  1. The best way to freeze the raw mini sausages is to toss them directly into the freezer with their wrapping.
  2. Alternatively, you can place the wrapped raw sausages in another ziplock bag inside the freezer. Please remove excess air and then seal the bags. Exposure to air can damage the little smokies and make them inedible.

Freezing Cooked Little Smokies

Freezing cooked little smokies is not an issue because they freeze well.

  1. Please cool the cooked little smokies and bring them to room temperature. Placing warm food inside the freezer is not advisable as it can damage the other foods kept inside the compartment. Besides, you contend with condensation issues that can make the sausages mushy when defrosted.
  2. Wrap each little smokie with a cling wrap tightly to ensure against air seepage. Exposure to the cold air inside the freezer can cause freezer burn.
  3. Place the wrapped little smokies inside an airtight container or a freezer bag. Removing the excess air from inside the bags is crucial before sealing them.
  4. Stick the date label because you cannot freeze the cooked little smokies as long as the raw mini sausages. Place the container deep inside the freezer enabling the contents to freeze well.

How Long Can The Frozen Little Smokies Last In The Freezer?

The frozen cooked mini sausages can last in the freezer for one to two months. Though the cooked sausages do not degrade immediately, we do not recommend keeping them in the frozen state for extended periods. It is better to consume them within two months.

The frozen raw little smokies can last considerably longer. We advise you to check the “USE BY” date on the original packaging. You can freeze the raw mini sausages comfortably until the specified date. While they remain safe for consumption even after the expiration date, you can experience a textural change and an alteration in their taste.

How Do You Defrost The Frozen Little Smokies?

You can defrost the frozen little smokies in two ways.

In The Fridge

Ideally, you defrost the frozen little smokies in the refrigerator. Then, transfer the mini sausages from the freezer to the fridge overnight and allow them to thaw gradually. The natural defrosting way is the best because it ensures uniform thawing. However, this method consumes a lot of time.

The Quick Method

It is possible to defrost the cocktail sausages quickly. Place the sealed zip lock bag containing the frozen little smokies in a bowl containing warm tap water. We advise submerging the bag into the water. You can weigh it down by placing a plate over the packet. The little smokies thaw entirely within half an hour.

How Do You Reheat The Defrosted Little Smokies?

You can have the little smokies cold unless the label states otherwise. Generally, the smoked or cooked smokies are ground, or chopped meat seasoned well and smoked or cooked before being packaged for sale.

However, you can warm the defrosted little smokies by baking them for ten to twelve minutes. Then, you can serve them as sandwich fillings or with ketchup to dip.

Can You Refreeze The Defrosted Little Smokies?

No, we do not recommend refreezing the defrosted little smokies. Likewise, we do not advise keeping the defrosted mini sausages at room temperature for long because of bacterial contamination.

How Long Can You Refrigerate The Little Smokies?

You can refrigerate the little smokies for three to four days in the fridge. However, freezing them is a desirable option if you plan extended storage. In this way, you can extend their shelf life by two to three months.

Can You Freeze The Little Smokies In BBQ Sauce?

You can freeze the little smokies in BBQ sauce in airtight containers. We suggest defrosting the little smokies overnight before reheating them on the stovetop.

Can You Freeze Cooked Polish Sausage?

Polish mini sausage, also known as kielbasa, freezes well. You can freeze kielbasa and consume it later as dinner or a snack.

Can You Freeze Cooked Breakfast Sausage?

Yes, it is possible to freeze sausage, cooked or uncooked. However, please ensure no exposure to air because it can cause bacterial contamination and freezer burn.

Can You Freeze Cooked Sausage Patties?

You can freeze cooked sausage patties by flash-freezing them for some time before transferring them to a large freezer bag for proper freezing. But, again, we suggest preventing exposure to air.

Can You Freeze Cooked Italian Sausage?

Yes, it is possible to freeze cooked Italian sausage by packaging it well and preventing exposure to air.

Can You Freeze Hillshire Little Smokies?

Hillshire little smokies are store-bought mini sausages. You can freeze them the way discussed here. While they can last for two months inside the freezer, we suggest consuming them before the “USE BY” date mentioned on the package.

Final Thoughts

Little smokies are excellent snacks to have, especially if you are on the move continuously. You can grab one and have them with sandwiches or burgers. So, the question about freezing little smokies is valid. Can you freeze the little smokies? Then, you can comfortably freeze little smokies and consume them later.

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