Can You Freeze Naan Bread?

Can You Freeze Naan Bread?

Naan bread is a favorite with almost everyone who visits the restaurant to have a wholesome meal. The best part of naan bread is that it easily complements vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Since naan bread is delicious, you might not resist preparing more than what you can eat in a single session. Under such circumstances, do you have to discard the bread? It can be disheartening to do so. Fortunately, you need not throw away the excess naan bread or its leftovers because you can preserve it and have it another day.

Can You Freeze Naan Bread?

You will be glad to learn that it is possible to freeze naan bread the way you freeze other flat bread like pita bread or tortillas. The most exciting part is that the naan bread’s quality does not change much after defrosting. It tastes as good as fresh. Secondly, the freezing process is straightforward. So, let us learn how to freeze naan bread.

How Do You Freeze Naan Bread?

The freezing method for freshly prepared naan bread and the takeaways from restaurants are the same. The only difference is that the fresh naan bread is hot and requires cooling. Otherwise, the moisture can condense and make the bread soggy.

  1. Bake the naan bread and allow it to cool to room temperature. It is excellent if you have a wire gauze because it enables uniform cooling from all sides.
  2. Place the naan bread one by one on a baking tray. You can line the baking plate with parchment paper if required. Naan bread is not greasy, but the parchment paper can help collect the crumbs comfortably. Please ensure leaving sufficient gaps between two successive pieces as otherwise, they can stick together during the freezing process.
  3. Push the baking tray into the freezer and allow the naan bread to flash freeze for two to three hours.
  4. You can remove the frozen naan bread from the freezer and place them inside an airtight container or freezer-safe ziplock bags. As the bread has already frozen, they do not stick to each other. However, you can wrap the individual pieces in aluminum foil for extra protection. It also helps prevent freezer burn.
  5. Remove the residual air from the freezer bags and the container before sealing them airtight.
  6. We advise sticking the date label on the containers to know when you have frozen the bread. Next, place the freezer bags or the containers deep inside the freezer, allowing the naan bread to freeze. We advise putting the bags flat inside the freezer because tilted bags can cause the pieces of bread to slide and freeze together. However, that should not pose any problems if you wrap each piece separately.

The method of freezing naan bread restaurant takeaways or leftovers after eating is the same. All you ensure is to remove the other food debris sticking to the bread before freezing them. They do not require cooling, but we advise consuming the leftovers quickly because they can degrade if left inside the freezer for extended periods.

How Long Can You Freeze Fresh Naan Bread?

Naan bread can remain frozen fresh for three months. Nonetheless, we do not recommend storing naan bread for so long. It is better to consume them quickly and enjoy the taste.

How Do You Defrost The Frozen Naan Bread?

While freezing naan bread was simple, we advise you to exercise caution when defrosting the frozen bread. The bread can turn chewy if you do not follow the appropriate defrosting procedure. The ideal defrosting method is to ensure that the temperature changes are gradual. Therefore, we advise transferring the naan bread from the freezer to the fridge. The process can take a few hours. However, that should not matter if you wish to have the naan bread taste at its best.

Here are some alternatives to the defrosting process.

On A Non-Stick Pan

This defrosting method allows simultaneous defrosting and reheating the naan bread. Place a pan on medium heat and place the naan bread on it. Shake the pan every 20 to 30 seconds to ensure the naan bread does not stick. The process takes around two to three minutes. Flipping the bread over to the side provides uniform defrosting.

On The Counter

You can defrost the naan bread on the kitchen counter by leaving the naan bread on a plate. It is better to flip each piece once in 15 to 20 minutes. The bread should defrost within 40 minutes to an hour.

In The Oven

This process can be challenging to control, but it is possible to defrost naan bread. The challenge is to open the oven repeatedly to check whether the bread has defrosted fully. Besides, the process requires preheating the oven. The non-stick pan method is better any day.

In The Microwave

The microwave oven option is good because you can defrost the naan bread within 15 to 20 seconds. Then, you can reheat them simultaneously and consume them hot.

How Do You Reheat The Defrosted Naan Bread?

Naan bread is best consumed hot. So, reheating the bread is crucial. The microwave is the best avenue for reheating the defrosted naan bread. The process does not take more than 10 to 20 seconds. However, please exercise caution because excessive microwaving can make the naan bread chewy. If the bread feels too dry, you can place a water bowl inside the microwave oven to enable convenient microwaving. Alternatively, you can try sprinkling a few drops of water on the bread.

Can You Refreeze Naan Bread?

Theoretically, the answer is YES. You can refreeze naan bread within 48 hours of defrosting. Besides, it is not advisable to refreeze the naan bread more than once. However, we do not recommend refreezing naan bread because it can degrade its texture and taste and make it inedible.

Can You Freeze Naan Bread Dough?

It is possible to freeze naan bread dough and use it later to prepare the delicious naan bread later.

Can You Freeze Naan Bread Pizza?

Yes, you can freeze naan bread pizza and add the toppings subsequently before serving.

Can You Freeze Stonefire Naan Bread?

Yes, it is possible to freeze Stonefire naan bread.

Final Thoughts

Naan bread is delicious enough that no one can consider wasting it. So, is freezing naan bread a viable option? Can you freeze naan bread? We are happy to say that you can.

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