Can You Freeze Prune Juice?

Can You Freeze Prune Juice?

Can You Freeze Prune Juice?

It is possible to freeze freshly prepared or store-bought prune juice. You need not discard leftover prune juice because you can freeze them and consume it later in various recipes. Let us learn how to freeze prune juice and preserve it perfectly.

How Do You Freeze Prune Juice?

You can freeze prune juice in multiple ways. You can select the ideal method depending on how you plan to use it in your recipe. We shall discuss all the strategies for convenience.

Freezing Prune Juice In Large Portions

This freezing method is ideal if you know you will be using prune juice in large quantities at a time.

  1. Select appropriately-sized containers or freezer-safe ziplock bags for the prune juice portions you wish to freeze. Please ensure that the containers have airtight lids.
  2. Apportion the prune juice into these chosen containers carefully. Please leave an inch gap at the top because the prune juice can expand when freezing. The lack of proper space can cause the containers or packets to burst open, spilling the liquid inside the freezer and creating a mess.
  3. Seal the bags properly. Similarly, close the containers airtight. We suggest placing the ziplock bags and the containers inside a large freezer bag. So, even if the liquid spills out, it will remain secure inside the bag and not flow inside the freezer.
  4. We suggest labeling the bag with the freezing date and the contents to make it easy for you when defrosting. Please place the containers and the freezer bags upright inside the freezer until the juice freezes.

Freezing Prune Juice In Ice Cube Trays

Freezing prune juice in small portions is ideal for smoothies. Hence, the best method is the ice cube tray or the muffin cup mode.

  1. Apportion the prune juice into ice cube compartments or appropriately-sized muffin molds. The silicone cupcake trays are also ideal for preserving prune juice inside the freezer. But please leave a gap to allow the liquids to expand when freezing.
  2. Push the ice cube tray inside the freezer and allow the prune juice to solidify. It can take a couple of hours. Please ensure flat space inside the freezer as the liquid can spill out otherwise.
  3. Once the cubes have frozen, remove them from the tray and place them inside freezer-safe zip lock bags or airtight plastic containers. Transfer the individual ziplock bags into large freezer bags for convenience.
  4. We advise labeling the freezer bags before pushing them into the freezer to let the juice continue freezing.

This method is advantageous because it allows you to remove the required prune juice quantity rather than defrost the entire container. It prevents wastage.

How Long Can The Prune Juice Remain Frozen Without Losing Its Quality?

Much depends on how you prepare the prune juice and freeze it. Generally, frozen prune juice without exposure to air can last comfortably for twelve months. However, we suggest consuming the frozen prune juice within eight months to enjoy its optimal taste.

How Do You Defrost The Frozen Prune Juice?

It depends on how you wish to use the frozen prune juice. You can pop the frozen cubes directly into the smoothies and blend them without defrosting. Besides adding flavor, taste, and nutrition to the smoothies, it imparts a cool and creamy texture.

However, if you plan to use it differently, you can defrost the frozen prune juice inside the refrigerator overnight. The process can take time, but the defrosting is thorough.

If you do not have much time, you can defrost the prune juice in a bowl of cold water. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry, the microwave is an ideal place to defrost the frozen prune juice. However, we advise you to consume them immediately because you cannot leave them out for extended periods.

Can You Refreeze Prune Juice?

We never recommend refreezing prune juice because it can change its texture and taste on repeated freezing and thawing. In addition, the taste deteriorates as the liquid becomes diluted. The juice also tends to get spoiled.

If you have defrosted the prune juice inside the refrigerator, you can keep it refrigerated for six to seven days without worrying about the juice getting spoilt. That explains why we recommend freezing the prune juice in small quantities.

Can You Freeze Store-Bought Prune Juice?

We suggest transferring the store-bought juice to a plastic container if it initially came in glass bottles. Glass can crack at freezing temperatures. The freezing procedure for store-bought prune juice is the same as described above.

Can You Freeze Prune Puree?

Freezing prune puree in an ice cube or silicone tray is possible. However, we suggest leaving the trays inside the freezer overnight to allow them to solidify before transferring them to freezer bags for freezing.

Can You Freeze Prune Plums?

You can freeze prune plums in the freezer to last for six months.

Can You Freeze Prune Cake?

You can freeze prune cake neatly wrapped in aluminum foil or cling wrap and store it in an airtight container.

Can You Freeze Prune Filling?

It depends on whether you use cornstarch for preparing the filling. Cornstarch can separate during the freezing process. So, if the filling does not contain cornstarch, you can freeze the prune filling.

Can You Freeze Prune Butter?

Freezing prune butter is possible in airtight containers. However, we recommend leaving space for the butter to expand during freezing.

Can You Freeze Prune Balls?

You can freeze prune balls in the freezer to extend their shelf life and consume them later.

Can You Freeze Italian Prune Plums?

It is possible to freeze Italian prune plums because these fruits freeze well and remain fresh for extended periods when frozen.

Final Thoughts

You might not drink prune juice often, but they are excellent for adding natural sweetness to baking and pudding recipes. If you have prepared prune juice in excess or have sufficient leftovers after the meal, you can consider freezing it as a suitable preservation option.

Even though many people do not consume prune juice as frequently as other fruit juices, they have tremendous use in smoothies and other similar recipes. So, it is possible to have excess prune juice stocked up at home. Can you freeze prune juice and preserve it? We have seen that it is possible.

Image Source : Betty Wills (Atsme)CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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