Can You Freeze Spam?

Can You Freeze Spam?

Can you freeze spam? At first glance, the answer should be, ‘It would be excellent to freeze spam.’ But, wait a moment, what are we referring to? Spam is not the junk mail you receive every day on your email addresses. Here, we refer to spam, the processed meat available as canned food.

Spam is canned meat that was once the staple food of US soldiers in WWII. It is available in cans in quantities you might not consume in a single sitting. So, it becomes essential to store spam.

Can You Freeze Spam Now?

You can freeze spam, provided you open the can and have leftovers. Spam freezes well, but you should follow the procedure carefully to freeze it effectively. It is a better option if you wish to store it for extended periods.

Why Should You Not Freeze Sealed Spam Cans?

First, freezing canned spam is unnecessary because the canned food contains preservatives that enable it to last long unless you open it. Therefore, it was supplied to soldiers during the war.

Secondly, canned spam meat tends to expand when frozen. As a result, the container might burst, and the meat could be all over the freezer, causing a massive mess. Besides, the spam meat could be exposed to air and spoil it.

Can You Freeze Spam Leftovers?

Generally, you might not consume the entire spam meat from the can. So, you can freeze the leftover spam in the freezer to store it for extended periods. Let us learn the method of freezing spam meat in the following paragraphs.

How To Freeze Spam Meat The Best Way?

Freezing spam meat the right way is essential to get the best results. It ensures that the meat retains its texture and flavor.

  1. Freezing food when it is fresh ensures the best results when defrosted. So, it is better to freeze spam meat at the earliest.
  2. Packaging the spam meat properly is critical. You should ensure there is no leakage of air into the containers. It keeps the food fresh for extended durations.

It is better to follow these steps when freezing spam meat.

  1. Slice the spam into small portions that you can consume in a single sitting. In addition, it makes sure that you do not have to defrost the entire batch at a time.
  2. Choose your storage containers and freezer bags carefully. There should be no leaks or loose fittings that could allow air to enter them. It is advisable to line the containers with wax paper to prevent the spam from sticking to its sides. Wax paper will enable you to remove spam easily when it is time for defrosting.
  3. Place the spam slices in the container or freezer bags carefully and avoid overfilling them. If you have multiple spam slices to freeze, it is better to place a wax paper between two pieces. That will prevent them from sticking together. Alternatively, you can stack them side-by-side with wax paper separating each column.
  4. Label the freezer bags and containers with the freezing date and contents. Frozen spam meat can remain for long periods in the frozen state. Labeling the containers enables you to track the freezing process.
  5. Place the containers and freezing bags inside the freezer.

How Do You Defrost Spam?

You can defrost spam in three ways, depending on the urgency of the situation.

  1. Refrigerator defrost– If you have lots of time on your hands, you can transfer the required meat slices from the freezer to the fridge. It allows the meat to thaw gradually. However, the meat takes around six to eight hours to defrost thoroughly. So, it is better to start the process overnight and use the thawed meat the following day. Spam meat defrosted in the refrigerator can remain fresh inside the fridge for three days.
  2. The Cold Water Method– Placing them in cold water is an alternative option for defrosting the spam pieces. You can take a bowl of cold water and submerge the freezer bag with the frozen spam inside it. However, you should ensure that the water does not seep into the spam. Change the water periodically until the spam defrosts completely. However, the spam meat defrosted using this method should be consumed immediately.
  3. Microwave– The third alternative is to microwave the spam meat. Remove the required spam slices from the freezer, place them on a microwave-safe plate, and select the defrost setting for eight to ten minutes per pound. You can adjust the timing depending on the quantity of spam you thaw. However, there is a significant disadvantage because the spam might not defrost uniformly. It can start to cook simultaneously. But if you plan to cook it without adding to a specific dish, microwaving is the best option. However, you should consume the cooked spam meat defrosted this way immediately.

How Long Can Spam Meat Remain In The Frozen State?

If appropriately frozen and not exposed to light, spam meat can stay fresh for three months. However, the meat’s quality can degrade after three months. Therefore, we recommend consuming the meat as quickly as possible.

How Do You Know If The Spam Becomes Unsuitable For Consumption?

You can check the spam for color, odor, and flavor changes. If you experience a noticeable difference, it is best to discard it.

Can You Refrigerate Spam?

You can refrigerate spam meat if you have already opened the can and would not like to store the contents for extended periods. Refrigerated spam can remain fresh for around three to four days.

Can You Refreeze Spam?

We never recommend refreezing meat products because defrosting them and placing them at room temperatures encourage bacterial growth. This bacteria can contaminate the spam and make it unhealthy for consumption. Therefore, we always insist on slicing the spam meat into sizes we can consume quickly.

How Long Can Unopened Spam Cans Last?

Unopened spam cans last for extended periods. Placing the cans in cool and dark places can extend the shelf life considerably to anywhere between two to five years.

Can You Eat Expired Spam?

If the can is not damaged, it is no problem to eat spam past its ‘best by date’ by even two years. However, if the can has been opened and the contents exposed to room temperature, it is better to discard them.

Final Thoughts

Canned food like spam does not spoil if it is left unopened. However, you have to preserve them after you open the can. Freezing spam is the ideal way to make it last for three months. So, can you freeze spam? The answer is YES.

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