Can You Freeze Tahini?

Can You Freeze Tahini?

Hummus is an integral constituent of Lebanese cuisine, and tahini is the crucial ingredient that gives it a unique nutty flavor. Tahini, a condiment prepared from ground hulled sesame seeds, owes its origins to Middle East cuisine. It has various uses as a dip or a critical ingredient of halva, hummus, and baba ghanoush. The exciting part of tahini is that you do not use it in large quantities when cooking. So, you always have leftovers that require proper preservation.

Can You Freeze Tahini?

Fortunately, you can. So, you need not discard the unused tahini anymore. As tahini freezes well, you can use the spicy condiment in your favorite recipes without fear of it getting spoilt. It can be an ideal alternative to nut butter as you spread tahini on your toast. Freezing tahini enhances its shelf life and lets you store it for extended periods.

How Do You Freeze Tahini?

Tahini is available in 16oz bottles or containers. As you will be using small quantities of the condiment, freezing the entire jar is not feasible. In addition, you will again have leftovers that can prove a challenge to store. Therefore, we recommend freezing tahini in small consumable portions. Here are some easy ways of freezing tahini.

Generally, you know how much tahini to use for a specific recipe. Accordingly, you can portion out the tahini for freezing.

  1. First, take a baking sheet and line it with parchment paper. Tahini is a thick paste and sticks well. So, it is convenient to make small balls out of the tahini paste and spread it evenly across the baking sheet.
  2. Push the baking sheet into the freezer and let it stay there for a couple of hours. It allows the tahini balls to freeze. However, we suggest leaving the baking tray in the freezer overnight to give sufficient time for freezing.
  3. Remove the frozen tahini balls and place them inside a freezer-safe ziplock bag or airtight containers. Take all steps to remove excess air and seal the bags.
  4. Note the freezing date and contents on the bag before pushing it inside the freezer.

Alternatively, you can freeze tahini in an ice cube or silicone cube tray. We recommend this freezing method because it allows you to freeze perfect portions. For example, one ice cube compartment can accommodate two tablespoons of tahini.

  1. Line the ice cube tray with a plastic wrap with extra hanging out from all sides. After filling the cubes, you can slice the plastic wrap to get perfect tiny tahini bundles neatly wrapped. It saves you the trouble of wrapping each tahini cube afterward.
  2. The wrapping also ensures you do not have to flash freeze the tahini cubes. You can cut the wraps and packet each tahini portion easily. Transfer the wrapped tahini pieces into a freezer bag or an airtight plastic Tupperware container.

The wrapping protects the tahini from exposure to moisture and allows you to freeze the tahini for extended periods.

  1. Expel air from the freezer bag and seal it properly. Label the bag and keep it in the freezer.

How Long Can You Freeze And Maintain Tahini?

Tahini does not get spoilt quickly. So, you can store tahini for extended periods comfortably. Technically, tahini can remain indefinitely in a frozen condition. But we recommend consuming it within three to six months to enjoy its optimal taste.

Are There Alternate Storage Options For Tahini?

You can refrigerate tahini and maintain its freshness. If you seal the container well, it lasts for an extended period. Please do not allow cross-contamination with other food ingredients. The benefit of refrigerating tahini is that the oil does not separate from the paste when it is cool as it does when placed at room temperature. We recommend stirring the tahini paste well to allow the oil to mix thoroughly.

How Do You Defrost The Frozen Tahini?

You can defrost the frozen tahini in the fridge or on the counter. Please remove the quantity you need and transfer them to a separate bowl. Cover it with a plate or a towel and place it inside the fridge. Alternatively, you can put it on the counter at room temperature. You might need to stir the mixture occasionally if you keep it on the counter. The frozen tahini defrosts in 10 to 15 minutes on the counter. The fridge defrosting method takes longer.

The defrosted tahini can last comfortably for a few days inside the fridge.

Can You Refreeze Tahini?

We do not advise refreezing tahini because the change in texture can affect its flavor and taste. Besides, refreezing is not essential because you defrost the consumable portions alone rather than the entire batch. There would be no leftovers for refreezing.

Can You Freeze Tahini Dressing?

Freezing tahini dressing is possible in an ice cube tray. It becomes convenient to thaw small portions and consume them.

Can You Freeze Tahini Dip?

You can freeze the tahini dip in its container, provided enough space is available for the frozen tahini to expand. A plastic wrap proves helpful in preventing other odors from mixing with the tahini.

Can You Freeze Tahini Sesame Paste?

You can freeze the tahini sesame paste in the manner described in this article. The key is to apportion the paste into small servable portions.

Can You Freeze Tahini Cookies?

You can freeze tahini cookies, but please ensure they are cooled to room temperature before freezing them.

Can You Freeze Tahini Sauce?

Yes, freezing tahini sauce is possible. However, it is better to leave some space in the container for the sauce to expand during the freezing process.

Can You Freeze Homemade Tahini?

Homemade tahini does not contain the preservatives available in the store-bought tahini. However, it freezes well. We recommend stirring the tahini well to distribute the oil content evenly before freezing.

Can You Freeze Raw Tahini?

It is possible to freeze raw tahini the way described here.

Can You Freeze Leftover Tahini?

You can freeze leftover tahini in ice cube trays until they freeze solid. Subsequently, you can transfer them to a freezer bag for regular freezing.

Final Thoughts

Tahini is a delicious and nutritious condiment used in small quantities in various Arabic and Lebanese cuisine. Preserving tahini is easy as you can refrigerate it. But, can you freeze tahini? Now, you know that you can.

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