Elderflower and Rosewater Jelly

Once you have made your elderflower cordial (see the recipe) you can make this wonderful jelly and serve it with fresh summer fruit. You can add any kind of flavouring you like, it does not have to be rose water. Lemon juice, lime juice, grenadine and even white wine and Prosecco work well in an elderflower jelly.

If you want to achieve a bright pink colour, then add just a few drops of grenadine or pomegranate juice.

Ingredients – Serves 4 people

1 sachet of powdered gelatine

100 ml of hot water, from the kettle

15 tbsps of elderflower cordial

25 ml rose water

450 ml of cold water

A few drops of grenadine juice


1. Mix the gelatine powder with the hot water in a jug.

2. In a separate jug mix the elderflower cordial, the rosewater, the water and the grenadine.

3. Mix the gelatine liquid into the elderflower cordial mix. Now pour into individual jelly moulds.

4. Chill for at least 3 hours, or overnight. Serve with fresh fruits.

Alex Johanssen

Alex Johanssen is a dinner lady at her little local village primary school. She works part-time, as she has two small children, and helps prepare, cook and serve hundreds of meals every week to growing children who love really good, tasty food. Her secrets for getting children to try as many different types of food as possible are to keep everything simple, don’t make fussy sauces, show children how food grows and get them involved in the kitchen.

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