“Farmhouse Cheeses of Ireland” by G.Anderson and J.McLaughlin

Think of the great cheeses of the world and you’ll probably think of France, Italy or England, but Ireland is quickly earning a place on that list with its farmhouse cheeses. The renaissance of Irish farmhouse cheese making started in the 1970s and 1980s and is now a thriving industry that is recognised internationally.

Our famous lush green pastures means our dairy cows produce top-quality milk, which in turn is being used to make excellent artisan cheese. Glynn Anderson and John McLaughlin explore this world of Irish farmhouse cheeses in their beautiful and comprehensive new book, “Farmhouse Cheeses of Ireland: A Celebration”, published by The Collins Press.

In this book, every Irish farmhouse cheese is listed and covered in detail and complemented by full-colour photos. One of the factors that makes any artisanal food special is the story behind the people and the product, and you’ll find plenty of those stories here to introduce you to the hardworking people behind the product they’re passionate about. Tables are included for every cheese with information regarding the kind of milk the cheese is made from, whether it’s raw or pasteurised, what other cheeses it’s reminiscent of, where it’s available for sale and where it’s made.

Extra resources include the history of cheese making in Ireland, details of how cheese is made and best conserved and resources for cheese lovers as well as recipes from some of Ireland’s top chefs using the cheeses. In short, it covers everything you could ever want to know about Irish farmhouse cheese, from history to descriptions of the taste and texture. This book is a valuable resource and a must for any Irish food lover’s bookshelf.

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