How To Eat Your Way To A Long and Healthy Older Youth

Our shop nutritionist, Monika Jakiel-Rusin, is a registered public health nutritionist with a Masters degree in Dietetics.

Her in-depth knowledge of which foods and drinks can help you enjoy a longer, healthier older youth is particularly useful in these modern times, when we are all living longer but need to watch our weight, our lifestyle and our daily eating patterns. Monika can help address concerns about what to eat as you get older, focusing on the importance of portion sizes, different food groups, nutritional content and meeting simple, achievable dietary goals that can be met with a positive attitude. Stay fit and fascinating, that’s the mission!

In this event we are not just going to talk about the right sorts of food and drinks to source, stock, prepare and cook and enjoy, but we are also going to serve them in a light, simple supper accompanied by wine and drinks. If you would like to purchase a ticket, all the details are on the poster on the right hand side and you can click into our online shop here.

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