How To Freeze Mullet?

How To Freeze Mullet?

Mullets are low mercury fish. So, it entails that they contain some mercury to make you think twice before consuming them. However, mullets have a high content of Omega vitamins because it is an oily fish. Therefore, dieticians consider mullets safe for consumption, and they are popular in the southern part of the US as the fish used for fish fry events. While mullets can be grilled and pan-fried, they are best known as baiting fish.

Can You Freeze Mullet?

Generally, you use live baits, but frozen bait can be the best available option at times. For example, you might not have time to catch or purchase fresh bait. So, a bag or two of frozen mullets can do the trick. Therefore, let us now see how to freeze mullets. Besides, we suggest preparing them properly and ensuring they do not get soft and mushy.

How Do You Freeze Mullet For Bait?

Preparing the mullet for bait is critical. The freezing process starts right from the moment you catch them. Otherwise, the mullet fish can decay by the time you get home and complete the freezing process.

  1. Catch the mullets and place them in a cooler filled with ice. Alternatively, you can add salt to the ice and make it colder than plain ice. It can help freeze the mullets until you get home. Kosher salt is ideal for preparing the cooler, but any salt that does not have additives can do. The ice and salt mixture reduces the freezing point to -21 degrees Celsius.
  2. The freezing temperature of this ice and salt mixture causes the mullet to freeze quickly. So, by the time you reach home, the mullets would have frozen.
  3. On reaching home, you can remove the frozen mullets from the cooler and dry them using a paper towel. The idea is to reduce moisture content as much as possible before freezing the mullets. Excess moisture can damage the mullet’s tissues and make it mushy after defrosting. However, expediting the drying process is critical because the fish decays quickly.
  4. To prevent air exposure, you can pack the frozen mullets in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Under such circumstances, you can place them in an airtight container for further freezing.
  5. We recommend using a vacuum sealer to store the fish for freezing. It helps expel all the air from the bag before sealing it. Alternatively, a resealable ziplock bag is a decent option. The best way to remove air from a ziplock bag is to submerge the bag in water with its top sticking out. The water pressure expels the air making it easy to seal the bag airtight.
  6. Place the freezer bags into the freezer for freezing.

How Long Can Frozen Mullets Remain In The Freezer?

Much depends on whether the decaying process has started before placing them inside the freezer. The frozen mullets can stay fresh in the freezer for considerable periods extending to even a year if you have frozen them properly.

That explains why you flash freeze the mullets in the cooler after catching them. It prevents the decaying activity from starting. The salt-ice combination freezes the mullets and preserves them.

How Do You Thaw The Mullet?

Generally, the mullets become mushy when you thaw them. That can make it challenging to keep them on the hook. But, freezing them well ensures the fresh remains tough. So, when you defrost the mullets, you can open the bag slightly to release the pressure. Thawing can cause pressure changes and damage the mullets if you do not remove the bag’s vacuum.

Can You Refreeze Mullet?

No, you cannot refreeze mullet.

How To Freeze Finger Mullet?

The best way to freeze finger mullets is to salt them and place them in the ziplock freezer bag. Seal the bag after removing excess air. Then, freeze them in the freezer.

How To Freeze Fresh Mullet?

You can freeze fresh mullets by salting them and freezing them using the procedure discussed here.

How To Freeze Red Mullet?

You can freeze red mullets directly in their original vacuum packing after purchasing them. Such frozen red mullets can remain fresh for nearly two months. After that, you can transfer the frozen red mullet from the freezer to the fridge and let them defrost naturally inside the refrigerator.

How Do You Freeze Store-Bought Mullet?

Store-bought mullets are generally frozen. So, you can place the store-bought mullets in an ice pack immediately because the mullets can start decaying before you reach home. If the traveling distance is more, you can add some salt to the ice pack and enhance its cooling.

Can You Cook Frozen Mullet?

Yes, you can cook frozen mullet, provided you take sufficient care during the freezing process.

Can You Freeze The Dried Mullet Roe?

You can freeze the dried mullet roe if you salt them properly and freeze them. The process involves curing with salt, pressing it, and dehydrating it until it achieves the desired firmness before freezing them in a resealable ziplock plastic bag.

Can You Freeze Mullet Fillets?

Some fish freeze well, but seafood does not have an excellent reputation for freezing. For example, mullet fillets can be frozen but not for long. The flavor starts declining after 2 to 3 months. However, you should exercise proper care when freezing them in the method described here.

Can You Freeze Mullet Dip?

It is possible to freeze mullet dip in the freezer for three months. Then, you can thaw and serve it chilled.

Can You Freeze Smoked Mullet?

You can eat smoked fish without further cooking them. However, smoked fish does not remain fresh as long as raw fish. You can store the smoked mullet in the fridge for two to three weeks before it becomes bad. After that, you can freeze smoked mullet, provided you follow the proper procedure of not allowing any exposure to air that can cause freezer burn.

Final Thoughts

Compared to other fish, mullets have more bones. So, it is challenging to cook and consume them. Besides, mullets have mercury content. That can make it risky for consumption, especially if you have them regularly. Nevertheless, mullets are perfect as baiting fish. Therefore, freezing them is a good idea if fresh mullet is not available immediately for use as bait. We have discussed the procedure of freezing mullets for bait.

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