How to Grow Your Business on Instagram

With 300 million monthly users, and 60 million photos uploaded every day, Instagram is the photo sharing app phenomenon of our generation. Owned by Facebook {that paid USD 1 billion to buy it in 2012} Instagram boasts users that are 15 times more likely to show brand engagement than its parent company users, and as a result 91% of retail brands have opened accounts.

Since we launched our shop in Bath we have used Instagram nearly every day to drive traffic and sales to our business, both the physical and the online shop.

We are located in a quiet street in the northern edge of the city, away from local and tourist footfall, and as a result social media has been instrumental in getting customers to know where we are and what we sell.

The photos we share every day of our fresh and deli produce, homewares, lunch menus, cakes, drinks, larder ingredients and events have enabled us to achieve the weekly turnover we need to pay our rent, rates, wages, utilities, suppliers, insurance and all the other costs faced by a small business.

During this presentation we will show you how we do it – from preparing and styling a shot to choosing props and accessories, to finding the right time and light to post a photo, to writing descriptions, to engaging with customers, to linking to Twitter and to managing your Instagram life without wasting time, momentum or energy.

We show you how to be focused, positive and sustainably successful.

During the talk we will be serving a home made, seasonal, locally sourced supper with wine.

If you would like to purchase a ticket, all the details are on the poster on the right hand side and you can click into our online shop here.

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