How To Line A Cake Tin With Confidence

It is very important to line a cake tin properly, as a badly lined cake tin can bring about mishaps. After spending money on quality ingredients and working hard to ensure you have a light, fluffy, moist cake, it is a great shame to hurry the lining process. Here we are going to show you, with photographs, how to ensure that your cake comes out of the cake tin in perfect order.

1. It is always best to buy spring form, teflon lined cake tins, so that when you click open the spring, the cake ring is automatically released. Buy teflon or silicon lined baking parchment, a sharp pencil, sharp scissors and place them all in front of you on your work bench. See photo 1.

2. Place the cake tin on the baking parchment and trace the circumference of the tin on the paper. Next trace the height of the tin, so that you have two straight strips of paper, both cut to the same height. Use the scissors to cut out the traced round circumference with an extra centimetre edge all round and the two straight strips. See photo 2.

3. Now take the circle of paper, fold it in half, then half again. Round the rim of the folded circle cut 1 cm lines along the arc. When you open the circle of paper it will have a cut edge, like a fringe, all the way around. See photo 3.

4. Butter or oil your cake tin thoroughly, so that the paper will stick perfectly. Place the circle at the bottom of the tin and using your fingers ensure it sticks all the way round, with the fringed edges sticking upwards on the sides of the cake tin. Now stick the two long straight pieces of paper to cover the sides of the cake tin. If you need an extra small piece of paper to cover the sides fully, then just cut it out from the remaining roll of parchment paper. This is a perfectly lined cake tin. See photo 4.

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