Making Your Own Flower and Herb Ice Cubes

Making your own flower and herb ice cubes is a very simple and pretty way of decorating your drinks’ table for parties and festivities.

There are a few points that need to be borne in mind before you begin:

1. Make sure you pick only organically grown flowers or herb leaves, without pesticides.

2. Try to pick early in the morning, before the sun is high in the sky. In that way the blooms are still fresh.

3. As soon as you have cut your flower heads and leaves bring them indoors, and use them at once. If you need to store them, do so on a tray in the fridge.

4. Shake the flowers on a piece of kitchen paper to remove any bugs lurking inside.

5. Pick flowers or leaves that are edible: lavender, dandelions, violas, nasturtiums, daisies, roses, mint, thyme or lemon verbena all add colour and fragrance to the drink once the ice is melted.

Ice cubes filled with flowers and leaves are particularly suitable for elderflower cordials and fruit juices, as well as homemade lemonade and sparkling water.


1. Take two clean ice trays and half fill them with water. Freeze the water until completely hard.

2. Remove the ice trays from the freezer, and place the flower heads or leaves into the ice cube tray slots.

3. Pour water to the top of the cube level.

4. Refreeze the ice cube trays.

5. When you need to use the ice cubes, turn them out and store any left over ones in freezer bags.

Jane Parker

Jane Parker cannot, will not, does not and never shall cook. Yet she enjoys entertaining, shopping for food, artisanal wares and plants, as well as dining out, reading cook books and food blogs, and watching her husband cook for her. She has worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York, at Christie’s and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and collects beautiful, hand made objects that stand the test of time and fashion.

A selection of flowers we picked: violas, lavender, mint, thyme flowers, daisies, buttercups…

Here are the finished ice cubes, ready to be used with some homemade elderflower cordial.

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