September Orchard and Kitchen Garden Glut – in The English Garden Magazine

If you have been following my online journal for a while, you will know that photographer Jason Ingram and I have been creating a monthly food and recipe feature for The English Garden magazine for the last two years. The features are all shot in my kitchen – using vintage props from the shop and ingredients from either my garden or my local farm shop and high street.

We try, as much as we can, to “keep it real” as our commissioning editor, Tamsin Westhorpe, would say. No drizzles, foams and gels in these features – just good, hearty, seasonal food that gardeners can make simply and easily.

The September issue, out now, is filled with ideas for what to cook with the garden glut – from leeks to nuts, shallots, blackberries, plums, apples, and quinces, we showcase how to make delicious meals with little money, time and fuss.

This month’s recipes include:

Golden Leek Pies

Blackberry, apple and plum batter cake

Quince ratafia liqueur.

They are all recipes that can be made by cooks of all abilities, and in no time at all too  – as we all know that gardeners are busy at this time of year, pruning, cutting, raking, clearing and getting the garden ready for the winter ahead.

Liqueurs are always a great way to use up orchard and kitchen garden produce, so I had to include one. With vodka or gin as your base, you can make delicious botanical infusions that will take you from one year to the next – and they are also great gifts.

We have the last few weeks of summer left. I hope that my recipes lead you cheerfully on – there’s plenty of colour and flavour, I promise.

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