Teacup Candles

Inspired by Kirstie Allsop’s Handmade Home and an increasing cynicism about wasteful commercialism, I decided to get crafty and make my own teacup candles, rather than buy new ones.

The first step was a lovely afternoon spent trawling charity shops for teacups, which left me with quite a selection.

Next I ordered a candle-making kit from www.makingyourowncandles.co.uk which included everything I needed and detailed instructions, the first of which was to fill a saucepan to a third of its volume with water. Then I cut the wicks a couple of centimetres longer than each container was deep. I threaded each wick through a wick tab, leaving about a millimetre showing underneath, and then pinched the collar of the wick tab with a pair of pliers to hold the wick in place.

Next I cut the wax into small blocks and put them into a small saucepan floating in the larger saucepan, which was simmering gently. Once melted the colour and fragrance were added.

I poured a tiny amount of the melted wax into each cup, which I allowed to cool, holding the wick tab and wick in place at the centre of the bottom of the cup.

I then poured the rest of the wax into the cup, taking care to keep the wick straight up through the centre of the candle, to ensure it will burn properly.

The next bit is quite fiddly, but it’s important to keep the wick in that position while the candle sets. I used cocktail sticks for the small cups and pencils for the larger cups and a little bit of Blu-Tack to attach the wick to the cocktail stick / pencil and the cocktail stick / pencil to the teacup.

Then I just left the wax to set for 12 hours and trimmed the wick to about 1cm above the level of the wax.

Et Voila! A wonderful gift made largely from things that might have ended up as landfill, turned into a present that (hopefully!) will not. Kirstie would be so proud!

Further reading for the especially geeky:

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  • http://www.themakelounge.com/workshops/detail/62 (Teacup candle making workshops at the Make Lounge)
  • http://www.teacupcandles.co.uk/ (teacup candles)

Katie Treggiden

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Teacup candle – using green and white vintage porcelain tea cups.

Tea cup hoard from the charity shop.

Here the wicks are being cut 3 cm longer than the depth of the teacup.

Melting the wax in a saucepan.

Placing the wick in place, centrally

Pouring in the rest of the wax.

Keeping the wick straight while the wax sets.

The finished teacup candle.

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