The Art Shop and Gallery in Abergavenny

If you are passing through Abergavenny, do stop at The Angel Hotel to have tea. It has been awarded the top national award for excellence by The Tea Guild, and we hope you find that our little article in the “Eating Out” section conveys all our enthusiasm. As you leave the building, turn left and a few metres on the same side of the road brings you to The Art Shop and Gallery at number 8, Cross Street.

The shop is very beautiful, housed in a newly renovated 16th Century building with original wood and flagstone flooring, Victorian shop fittings, lime plastered walls and beams. It is home to art exhibitions, talks, events and a very good bookshop too.

On the first floor is a very interesting gallery. We spied handmade ceramic plates, bowls, cups, jugs and plates that we thought we would share with Foodie Bugle readers, who, we know, like artisanal pieces for their kitchen or dining room.

Artists featured in the gallery include: Helen Beard, Dylan Bowen, jane Bowen, Jacqueline Leighton Boyce, Louise Brosnan RCA, Susan Disley, Daniel Smith, Clemnetina Van der Walt and James and Tilla Waters.

Downstairs you can buy beautiful cards, wrapping paper and notebooks.

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