The Food and Drink Futures Forum

As food and drink consumption rises year on year, many governments, non-governmental organizations and consumers are becoming more discerning, selective and informed about the food and drink brands they support and value.

In our Food and Drinks Futures Forum we explain the issues that count, the data that matters, and the new and emerging consumer tribes that are set to drive profits over the next 3–5 years.

Designed to explore the contents of our current Food Futures and Drinks Futures reports, this afternoon event will also update you on the trends that are set to define and drive the market in 2011-2012.

These trends include:

Dirty Dining

Gourmet Gins

Food Fundamentalism

Craft Vodkas

Food Raves and Rodeos

Foraging Futures

Revivalist Recipes

Prohibition Water

Functional Alcohol

New Gents Drinkers

Native Spirits Rising

Vasstige Food Marketing

BRIC Beverages

These are just a few of the trends you can smell, taste, compare and debate during this gourmet degustation of food, drink and hybrid products.

Award-winning Michelin star chef Tom Aikens will be on hand to guide you through what is new and next in low-key dining, along with food and drinks bloggers, critics, gastronauts and the next generation of gastro-liquid distillers – from coffee aficionados to gin, vodka and bootleg champagne. We’ll even treat you to a glass of triple-distilled urine whiskey.

Along with the above, of course, will be keynote presentations – delivered by The Future Laboratory directors, editors and report analysts – giving you a chance to question the people behind each of the reports. Sections covered in these presentations will include:

Food and Drinks Market Overview– a context-setting session that will outline the facts, statistics and new sector issues clients need to consider for the coming 3–5 years as familiar markets remain volatile and consumers continue to cut down on spending.

New Markets Rising– The BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will account for four of the five largest grocery markets by 2015, while in China alone, 20m people reach the legal drinking age each year. This section sizes up the markets and the categories set to thrive, rise and go stellar in 2012 and beyond.

Consumer Tribes– we reveal the consumer typologies that are determining new and emerging tastes in the food and drinks sectors globally, from Rurbanites and DIY Foodies to New Gents and Food Glocalistas.

Food Futures versus Drinks Futures– depending on your tastes, we will split our presentational menus and offer you a chance to indulge your specialism, passions and palates as we explain the latest trends in the food and drinks sectors. But don’t worry if you feel obliged to choose one over the other. Both presentations from this session will be available for all of our guests on the day.

Design Directions– the trends, materials, colours, bottles, boxes and packaging options making old products better and new products great. Consider Tactile Purity, Luxe Minimal, Retro Modern, Rurban Fresh and Laboratory Luxe.

Case Studies– need more inspiration? Our reports and presentations contain challenging and provocative case studies that highlight new perspectives and production processes. These include Hong Kong’s HK Honey, New York’s Nicola Twilley and Sarah Rich, Rome’s Arabeschi di Latte and London’s Bompas & Parr, some of whom will be there on the afternoon itself.

The Food and Drink Futures Forum will take place on 22 September from 12.30pm to 5pm at our headquarters at 26 Elder Street, London E1 6BT.

Tickets for the afternoon, including a copy of our Food Futures Report or our Drinks Futures Report are £950 excluding vat. Tickets with both reports cost £1,265 excluding VAT. If you want to buy a copy of either report for £450 excluding VAT, please visit our shop and you can download a copy.

If you have any enquiries do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected].

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