The Secret Supper Society

Dear Foodies,

Here we are careering into summer so I’ve put together a light and lovely seasonal Menu (see below) using, as ever, local, home produced and foraged ingredients, for the next Secret Supper event, 20th May 2011.

The menu will be gluten and dairy free – not that you’d notice as it’s still going to be delicious and will feature my famous beef carpaccio. Why not give it a try and see if you can spot the difference?

If the weather holds, you will be able to begin your evening with drinks, amuse bouche and starter in our fairytale ‘Dingly Dell’ at the top of the garden. We have a few tranquil, idylic places around the garden for you to recline with your guests or just relax on the terrace if you prefer to be a bit less bohemian. And then, when it gets a little chilly, you can move into the dining room to finish your meal and enjoy the rest of a delightful evening.

Finally time to blow my own trumpet: I just bought a copy of the new book by Kerstin Rogers, published by Harper Collins, “Supper Club: Recipes and notes from the underground restaurant” and was thrilled to see that I am listed amongst the top “home” restaurants in the world. If you haven’t experienced The Secret Supper Society for yourself yet, make this summer your first.

Nick and I look forward to welcoming you very soon and, as always, please remember to forward this email to whoever you think may be interested in experiencing the “home restaurant” phenomenon.

Kind regards,


The Secret Supper Society

Menu for 20th May 2011

Amuse bouche

Olive ciabatta with an olive oil and balsamic dip

Ham hock terrine on toasted brioche with canellini bean vinagrette

Steamed salmon, asparagus & herb mash in a crayfish bisque with pastry rings


Buttermilk panna cotta with honey roasted rhubarb & shortbread

Tea/coffee with hand made chocolates


Jules is the founder and chef of The Secret Supper Society. After many years of cooking for family and friends, she set up the very first “home” restaurant, as a supper club in North Oxfordshire, just off Junction 10 of the M4 morotway. To find out the next secret supper date, visit her website at

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