The Shopkeeper Diaries ~ Frugal Business Cards and Promoting British Businesses

When you set up a new business, keeping costs under control is the first priority. And our business, The Foodie Bugle Shop, is all about re-cycling, re-claiming and re-loving, hence the quantity of vintage stock we carry. We want our brand to look rustic, earthy and organic, and nothing beats Kraft paper and cardboard for that vintage grocery look.

We decided to create our own business cards, and ordered Kraft cards from the same company that made our gift boxes, the Stitched Boxes company in Sheffield. The cards are made of thick and weighty 10cm x 15cm Kraft cardboard, 1250 Micron thick, but you can choose other colours or thicknesses. They can send out samples in the post, and you could even have the cards embossed.

Not disposable or easy to lose, they are really strong and useful.

We sent the team at The English Stamp Company in Dorset our logo and details, and within 24 hours the wooden stamps and brown ink pad were on our table. They have also made the stamps for our price tags.

For a really reasonable amount of money you can make memorable tags or cards that would cost a fortune done elsewhere.

In addition, you are putting money into British businesses and jobs, so every time I stamp a card I think I’ve done the right thing. And they look great too.

Further Information

The English Stamp Company website. Follow on Twitter: @englishstamp

Stitched Boxes of Sheffield website. Follow on Twitter: @stitchedboxes

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