Wrapped: Crepes, Wraps and Rolls You Can Make at Home

The award winning food writer Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra has a new book out at the beginning of June, “Wrapped: Crepes, Wraps and Rolls You Can Make at Home”, published by Pavilion Books {which used to be called Anova Books}.

Gaitri is an international food writer whose enthusiasm for global cookery lifts you out of your armchair and sends you travelling across the world through recipes, tastes and flavour combinations. From Mexican flour tortillas, to Guyanese butter flaps, Middle Eastern pitta breads, Indian roti, Chinese spring rolls and French crepes, this book is a valuable, informative resource that teaches you the basics to create a diverse and versatile range of wraps.

The ingenuity of the wrapped meal is particularly relevant to today’s lifestyles, and you will be amazed at how many different fillings and relishes exist, from all over the world. This book evokes memories of the hot, savoury snacks of street food stalls in bustling foreign markets – Jamaican beef patties, crisp and spicy pastry packets from Malaysia, steamed chicken filled buns from China, beef burritos from Mexico, tuna empanadas from Galicia and Caribbean fish cakes transport you back to holiday snacks and eating alfresco with cold drinks.

The popularity of street food has grown exponentially in the last few years, and many cooks want to replicate these sorts of flavours at home. It’s fun – everybody loves a wrap.

“Wrapped” also contains ideas for relishes and accompaniments: sauces, salsas, chutneys and pickles can all be used as dips or spread inside the wrap base itself.

In the sweet section walnut cream crepes, pistachio filled spongy pancakes, banana spring rolls, chocolate roulade and apple turnovers show you really enticing alternatives for lunch boxes, picnics and summer buffets.

The book is beautifully photographed by Keiko Oikawa and styled in a colourful, glossy, exotic way. There are useful sections at the back, also, showcasing the ingredients and equipment that will help you create the recipes.

Priced at £14.99, with 150 pages of recipes, this book is an ideal gift for all those home cooks who are after different, exciting, frugal recipes to take them out of the familiar, tried-and-tested snacks, canapes and food-on-the-go repertoire they might have in their day-to-day armoury.

Wrap! Roll! Eat! rally the imperatives on the back cover. And you will want to do all three.

You can follow Gaitri on Facebook here and you can follow her publishers on Twitter @PavilionFood1

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