Can You Freeze Apple Cider?

Can You Freeze Apple Cider?

Generally, people advise you to consume alcoholic drinks when it is biting cold outside. However, what would you do if you did not have the habit of drinking alcohol? You have an excellent alternative in apple cider. Apple cider is a delicious beverage to cozy up during the winter months. However, what would you do if you had a large quantity of apple cider leftover after a party?

So, the question is simple. Can you freeze apple cider? Surprisingly, the answer is equally straightforward. Yes, you can freeze apple cider.

Can You Freeze Apple Cider?

Generally, liquids are convenient to freeze. But, it is better to know the correct procedure to freeze apple cider. Otherwise, you could end up wasting it entirely.

How Do You Freeze Apple Cider?

Freezing apple cider is a simple two-step process that you can learn within no time.

Step 1 – Cool The Apple Cider

Generally, you drink apple cider warm. But, it is not ideal for freezing warm apple cider. So, the first step toward learning how to freeze apple cider is to cool it down to room temperature.

  1. Warm apple cider can defrost other frozen items around it in the freezer.
  2. Hot apple cider can defrost the freezer compartment itself.

So, apple cider must be cooled to room temperature before freezing.

Step 2 – Freeze The Apple Cider

Once the apple cider cooling process is over, you can transfer it to a freezer-safe container. A plastic Tupperware container is also sufficient to freeze apple cider.

Pour the apple cider into the container and leave out around an inch and a half at the top. Apple cider expands on freezing. Therefore, it requires sufficient space inside the container. Otherwise, it could overflow.

How Do You Defrost Apple Cider?

Once you have frozen apple cider, you will need to defrost it to consume later. Therefore, it is essential to understand how to do it. Though the process is relatively straightforward, defrosting apple cider requires considering some crucial aspects. Besides, you can defrost apple cider in multiple ways.

Method 1 – The Simplest Defrosting Mode – In The Refrigerator

Defrosting apple cider inside the fridge is the best mode available. The simple process requires moving the frozen apple cider from the freezer to the refrigeration compartment. The process can take much time, but it is the best because there is no risk of alterations in taste and texture.

Method 2 – Defrosting At Room Temperature

The refrigerator defrosting mode can take time. If you wish to have apple cider sooner, you can try the room temperature defrosting mode. You can remove the frozen apple cider from the freezer and place it on the kitchen counter to defrost at room temperature. There should not be any problems leaving apple cider to defrost at room temperature because it does not have dairy items that can go bad.

Method 3 – The Quickest Defrosting Mode – In The Microwave

You can also defrost frozen apple cider in the microwave oven. While it is the quickest defrosting method, it also allows you to have warm apple cider straight away. However, the microwave defrosting method requires you to be more careful.

Remove the lid from the frozen apple cider container slowly. It could be frozen shut. Therefore, opening the container could take some effort. Place the top back gently without closing the container properly. This step ensures that the apple cider does not cause a mess.

Set the microwave to defrost setting and turn it on for about two minutes. Check whether the apple cider has defrosted and become warm. If it remains frozen, continue the defrosting for another half a minute.

If you wish to have your apple cider immediately, you can turn on the normal setting on the microwave. Your beverage would be ready in no time.

How Do You Cool The Apple Cider Before Freezing It?

If you heat the apple cider in a special cooking pot, it is advisable to keep the cider in the same vessel and cool it to room temperature. The cooling process can take time because the pot could be hot. However, it is the best method. Transferring apple cider to another container to cool it could alter its taste.

Can You Freeze Apple Cider In A Bottle?

It is not advisable to freeze apple cider in a bottle because the apple cider can expand on freezing. When it expands, it can crack the bottle. There have been instances of bottles breaking inside the freezer. Cleaning the mess can be an issue. You could injure yourself during the process. Besides, it is dangerous to consume apple cider from a broken bottle. You could end up ingesting some glass pieces. Therefore, it is not worth the risk. So, the best option is to use a freezer-safe plastic container with a lid.

Should You Stir The Apple Cider In The Microwave

A microwave oven works differently from a conventional range. So, you might not know whether the apple cider has melted entirely or not. Therefore, stirring the apple cider after two minutes is recommended. Besides, stirring the apple cider allows it to spread out evenly inside the container and speeds up the defrosting process.

How Long Can You Freeze Apple Cider?

Generally, frozen apple cider can retain its quality up to eight to 12 months from freezing. After that, however, you should use the proper freezing methods. Nevertheless, apple cider can remain safe even after 12 months.

How Long Can You Refrigerate Apple Cider?

Apple cider can stay fresh for around seven to ten days when refrigerated. It is better to freeze it if you wish to store it for more than ten days.

How Do You Tell If The Apple Cider Has Gone Bad?

The ideal way to distinguish spoilt apple cider is to sniff at it. If you experience an odd flavor or appearance, it is better to discard the product.

Final Thoughts

Apple cider is a refreshing beverage during the winter months. If you have large quantities of apple cider, it is natural to enquire, Can you freeze apple cider. The shortest response to this question is YES.

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