Can You Freeze Bratwurst?

Can You Freeze Bratwurst?

Quick Answer : Can You Freeze Bratwurst?

You can freeze bratwurst to maintain them fresh for later consumption. Bratwurst is a delicious sausage, an integral part of German BBQ cuisine. Usually, you consume bratwurst with onion and mayo toppings.

But, we do not recommend freezing bratwurst with its toppings. Instead, it is advisable to add the toppings before serving the dish. Bratwurst is a straightforward recipe to freeze as you can freeze cooked and raw sausages the same way. So, here is how you freeze bratwurst.

How Do You Freeze Bratwurst?

Bratwurst sausages freeze well. Let us see how to freeze the cooked and raw bratwurst and ensure a year-round supply of the delicious BBQ sausage.

Freezing Raw Bratwurst

Raw bratwurst is easy to freeze as you can freeze it in its original packaging. So, if you are sure not to consume the bratwurst the day you purchase it, we suggest freezing it as soon as it reaches home. While the unopened bratwurst does not spoil immediately, it can do so if you open it and expose the meat to air and moisture.

  1. Freeze the raw bratwurst in its original wrapping. If you have opened it, we suggest wrapping it with plastic cling film or aluminum wrap to prevent moisture and air exposure.
  2. Flash-freezing the bratwurst is advisable if you do not wrap it because it prevents the sausage from sticking together. This process involves placing the bratwurst pieces on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Please ensure the individual meat pieces do not touch each other. Next, push the tray into the freezer, allowing the bratwurst to solidify.
  3. The process can take a few hours. Once solidified, you can remove them from the baking tray and place them in airtight ziplock bags. A Tupperware container is also ideal for preserving bratwurst sausages.
  4. Please expel excess air from the freezer containers before sealing them.
  5. Write down the freezing date and contents on the zip lock covers and boxes before freezing the sausages inside the freezer.

Freezing Cooked Bratwurst

The best aspect of freezing bratwurst is that you can freeze them after cooking them. Generally, the freezing procedure is the same.

  1. Cook the sausages and allow them to cool to room temperature. We suggest placing the cooked sausage on a plate and covering them with a paper towel. Besides absorbing the heat from the sausages, the paper towels prevent exposure to moisture.
  2. Cooling the sausages is critical because freezing hot bratwurst can cause condensation and turn the sausage mushy when defrosting.
  3. Flash-freeze the cooked sausages for two to three hours.
  4. Once the bratwurst solidifies, you can transfer them to freezer-safe bags and expel excess air before sealing them.
  5. Labeling the bags lets, you know how long you have frozen the bratwurst.

We suggest freezing the raw and the cooked bratwurst in different packaging if you plan to freeze them simultaneously. Label them accordingly to let you know the contents when defrosting. You can write the use-by day on the bags for convenience.

How Long Can Frozen Bratwurst Last In The Freezer?

Bratwurst can remain frozen for three months in the freezer. We advise storing meat deep inside the freezer compartment where the cooling is maximum. Besides, it protects the sausage from temperature fluctuations when operating the freezer door.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Bratwurst?

Defrosting the bratwurst in the refrigerator is ideal because it allows gradual and uniform thawing. Please transfer the frozen sausages from the freezer to the fridge overnight and let them defrost naturally. The process consumes time but is the best way to defrost bratwurst.

Defrosting the sausages in the microwave is also an option if you do not have much time at your disposal. However, we suggest using the defrost setting on the microwave and checking the meat regularly. Otherwise, it dries out quickly. Secondly, we advise cooking the defrosted meat quickly if you thaw it in the microwave. Otherwise, you can refrigerate the bratwurst for four to five days.

Can You Refreeze Bratwurst?

It depends on how you defrost the sausage. You can refreeze it if you have defrosted the bratwurst in the refrigerator. Though there can be a noticeable change in quality due to moisture loss during freezing and thawing, the texture and taste remain largely unaffected. But, we do not suggest repeated refreezing as it can damage the meat.

We do not suggest refreezing cooked bratwurst because its texture can change extensively.

Can You Freeze Bockwurst?

Though bockwurst is a different type of sausage from bratwurst, you can freeze it the same way. Bockwurst freezes well.

Can You Freeze Bratwurst Leftovers?

Usually, you serve bratwurst with onion and mayonnaise toppings. So, we do not recommend freezing bratwurst leftovers because mayo does not freeze well. However, if you have not used mayo, you can freeze the bratwurst leftovers the same way you freeze cooked bratwurst.

Can You Freeze Bratwurst Patties?

Yes. It is possible to freeze bratwurst patties, raw or cooked. However, whereas cooked bratwurst patties can last between two to three months, we advise consuming the raw bratwurst patties within two months to enjoy their optimal taste.

Can You Freeze Lidl Bratwurst?

Lidl bratwurst is store-bought bratwurst. You can freeze Lidl bratwurst the same way described here. Freezing unopened Lidl bratwurst should not be a problem as you can freeze it in its original packaging. Otherwise, as discussed here, you can wrap it in plastic cling film and freeze it.

Can You Freeze Vacuum-Packed Bratwurst?

Vacuum-packed bratwurst freezes the best because it eliminates freezer burn. Even otherwise, we suggest vacuum-sealing bratwurst before freezing to prevent moisture and air exposure.

Can You Reheat Frozen Cooked Bratwurst?

Yes. You can reheat the frozen, cooked bratwurst in an oven, preheated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Similarly, you can cook or bake the frozen raw bratwurst in an oven for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Alternatively, you can reheat the cooked frozen bratwurst in boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can be more delicious than grabbing a cooked BBQ bratwurst from the store. But, if you prepared adequate bratwurst at home or bought raw bratwurst from the store, freezing it is ideal for extending its storage. Unfortunately, keeping the bratwurst at room temperature for extended periods can cause bacterial contamination. So, can you freeze bratwurst? Yes. We can.

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