Can You Freeze Brie Cheese?

Can You Freeze Brie Cheese?

Cheese is always yummy to taste. Who does not enjoy their sandwiches with cheese? Besides, cheese has many utilities and serves as a primary ingredient in soups, stews, curry, and baked foods like pizzas, cakes, and bread. Cheese, like brie cheese, is expensive. So, if you have stacked up a lot of brie cheese you cannot consume immediately, you would not like to discard it. Therefore, you can ask, can you freeze brie cheese? How do I store brie cheese?

Can You Freeze Brie Cheese?

Generally, there should not be any problem freezing food items, but some foods do not freeze very well. Unfortunately, with its semi-soft texture, brie cheese is one of these. Does that mean you cannot freeze brie cheese?

You can freeze brie cheese, provided you prepare it well for freezing. Besides, the frozen brie cheese works well with cooked and baked foods. However, it can look sloppy on a sandwich. Nevertheless, let us see how to freeze brie cheese.

How Do You Freeze Brie Cheese?

You can freeze brie cheese in three ways.

Freeze The Entire Brie Cheese Block

This method is perfect if you plan to use brie cheese in baked recipes. It does not require much preparation. Keep some aluminum foil handy, and choose the freezer bag for freezing the cheese.

  • Wrap the brie cheese tightly with aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or freezer paper.
  • Place the wrapped brie cheese block inside the freezer bag. Roll the freezer bag to squeeze out as much air as possible.
  • Stick the date label on the bag and seal it.
  • Place the bag deep inside the freezer.

The brie cheese wedge will take an hour or two to freeze. The prime concern is wrapping the cheese well to prevent exposure to air that can cause freezer burn.

Freezing Sliced Brie Cheese – The Quick Way

You can freeze sliced brie cheese in two ways. Let us discuss the easy way first. You need a silicone mat (or parchment paper), a cookie tray, and a freezer bag or airtight container.

Step 1 – Slice The Cheese

Slice the brie cheese according to your requirements. For example, thick slices should be acceptable if you wish to use them in soups or stew. However, we recommend slicing it thinly if you plan to stuff your sandwiches with brie cheese.

Step 2 – Pre-Freeze The Cheese

Line the silicone mat on the cookie tray. You can also use parchment or cheese paper if you find the cheese sticking to the silicone mat. Place the cheese slices carefully and avoid touching each other. Push the tray into the freezer and allow the cheese slices to freeze. It should take a couple of hours. It does not matter even if you leave it overnight.

Step 3 – Transfer To The Freezer Bag

Remove the frozen brie cheese slices and transfer them into the airtight container or the freezing bag. Squeeze out air from the bag and seal it properly.

Step 4 – Label And Freeze

Stick the date and contents label on the bag and place it inside the freezer.

The frozen cheese can stay for a couple of months. However, the cheese’s surface can dry out the longer it sits inside the freezer. Therefore, the brie cheese frozen this way is ideal for melting.

Freezing Sliced Brie Cheese – The Proper Way

The freezing process is the same as discussed above but slightly different. This method requires the sliced brie cheese to be wrapped tightly to prevent them from drying out and suffering from freezer burn.

So, you can use parchment paper, wax paper, or cheese paper for wrapping the cheese. The idea is that the cheese should not stick to the wrapping. The advantage of this freezing mode is that you need not melt the cheese.

Step 1 – Slicing The Brie Cheese

It depends on your preferences. You can cut it into consumable portions or freeze the entire wedge or block. However, slicing cheese makes it easy for consumption.

Step 2 – Wrap The Cheese Tightly

Wrap the cheese slices or block tightly with parchment paper. Please ensure to wrap the paper without leaving any gap for the air to enter and dry the cheese. If exposed to the cold air inside the freezer, it could dry out and suffer from freezer burn.

Step 3 – Transfer To A Freezer Bag

Place the wrapped cheese into a freezer bag and remove as much air as possible. Stick the date and contents label on the bag. Seal it properly.

Step 4

Freeze the bag into the deep end of the freezer.

This method is the most challenging but is the best way to freeze the brie cheese.

How Long Does Frozen Brie Cheese Last In The Freezer?

Generally, it can remain fresh for six months. But, we recommend consuming it quickly.

How To Defrost The Frozen Brie Cheese?

You can use the frozen brie cheese in two ways.

  1. Thaw In The Fridge – If you plan to thaw the brie cheese, the refrigerator is the ideal place. Remove the frozen brie cheese from the freezer and place it in the fridge. The cheese defrosts naturally in six to eight hours. You can start the process overnight for consuming the cheese the following morning.
  2. Use It Frozen – If your objective is to melt the cheese and use it in soups, etc., you need not thaw the cheese. Instead, remove the cheese from the freezer and transfer it to the stove. The food might take some more time to cook because the frozen cheese needs time to melt.

Some people recommend using a cold water bath for defrosting the brie cheese. This method involves transferring the freezer bag with the cheese to a pot containing cold water. The thawing can take around two to three hours.

Can You Refreeze Brie Cheese?

We do not recommend refreezing brie cheese.

Can You Freeze Brie Cheese In Puff Pastry?

You can, but freezing brie cheese changes its texture. Thus, it alters the pastry’s taste/

Can You Freeze Blue Brie Cheese?

You can freeze blue brie cheese, but freezing brie cheese changes its texture.

Can You Freeze Shredded Brie Cheese?

You can freeze shredded brie cheese, but freezing it can affect its texture.

Final Thoughts

Generally, recipe experts do not recommend freezing brie cheese because it does not freeze well. However, we have seen that you can freeze brie cheese, even though it can be a bit challenging. So, can you freeze brie cheese? You can say you can, provided you exercise proper care.

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