Can You Freeze Cupcakes?

Can You Freeze Cupcakes?

Cupcakes are delicious snack items you can have any time of the day. Everyone loves the heavenly smell of cupcakes as the baker prepares them fresh inside the oven. They taste the best when freshly baked or within a few hours of baking. But does that mean we cannot buy them in bulk quantities and store them? On the contrary, you can store cupcakes comfortably and consume them late without compromising on the taste and flavor.

So, the standard questions that come to mind are as follows. Can you store cupcakes on the kitchen cupboard shelf? Can you keep cupcakes in the refrigerator? Can you freeze cupcakes? Continue reading to get answers to these questions and many more.

Can You Freeze Cupcakes?

Freezing cupcakes is one of the best ways of preserving them for extended periods. However, freezing cupcakes requires you to follow specific rules to ensure they do not lose their texture, taste, and flavor.

How Do You Freeze Cupcakes?

Freezing cupcakes is easy, provided you follow the appropriate method.

Step 1 – Cool The Cupcakes

The first step to freezing cupcakes is to cool them to room temperature before freezing them. Freezing warm cakes can cause condensation issues making the cake soggy. So, the ideal cooling method is to place them on a wire rack because it allows free air circulation from all sides, even the bottom. You can touch the cake to ensure they are cooled enough for freezing.

Step 2 – Wrap The Cupcakes In Plastic Wrap

The freezer can have various items freezing inside it. These food odors can mix with the cake and affects its taste. Hence, we recommend wrapping the cake with plastic wrap. Besides, plastic wrap keeps the cold air from drying the cake, keeping it soft and fresh.

Step 3 – Preserve The Cupcakes In Airtight Containers Or Freezer Bags

You can place the wrapped cupcakes into an airtight container or ziplock freezer bags. It prevents the cupcakes from getting squished. Remove air and seal the bags well. Note the freezing date and place the freezer bag deep inside the freezer in a safe spot. Protecting the cupcakes from getting squished is essential to maintain their shape.

Can You Keep Cupcakes In The Fridge?

Though it seems ideal to store cupcakes in the fridge, we recommend not doing it because the cupcakes can dry out quickly. You feel the difference when you eat them because the cakes soak in the saliva and dry your mouth. Surprisingly, freezing cupcakes is an excellent option.

How Long Can You Freeze Cupcakes In The Freezer?

Cupcakes can remain fresh for three months in the freezer. However, we recommend consuming them quickly to enjoy their heavenly taste.

How Do You Freeze Frosted Cupcakes?

The process for freezing frosted cupcakes is similar to that of unfrosted cakes. However, there are specific distinctions that you should note.

  1. Cooling the cupcakes is essential. The cooling process is the same. Using a wire rack is beneficial because it ensures uniform cooling.
  2. Freeze the cupcakes uncovered initially. Then, you can place the cupcakes in a container to keep the cake and the frozen frosting covered comfortably. The uncovered freezing process can take around five hours.
  3. Once frozen completely, you can cover the cupcakes and ensure the container is airtight. It helps preserve the moistness and prevent freezer burn. Please ensure that the airtight container lid does not touch the frosting when you close it.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Cupcakes?

Please remember that it is not a good idea to refrigerate cupcakes. Hence, we do not recommend defrosting the frozen cupcakes inside the fridge. The suitable alternative is to defrost them at room temperature.

You can remove the frozen cupcakes from the freezer and place them on the kitchen countertop. It is advisable to unwrap the cupcakes and defrost them uncovered. It prevents them from getting sticky.

The cupcakes thaw to room temperature within two hours. You can then consume it or store it in an airtight container on the kitchen shelf for a week.

How Do You Store Cupcakes With Frosting At Room Temperature?

The storage method is the same for all cupcakes.

  1. Allow the cupcakes to cool before decorating the cake with the frosting.
  2. Use a large container to accommodate the cake and the frosting comfortably.
  3. It is ideal for storing the cakes at room temperature in an airtight container rather than placing them in the fridge.
  4. The cupcakes can last for three to four days. If you wish to store them for extended periods, freezing them is suitable.

Can You Freeze Cupcakes With Icing?

Yes, it is possible to freeze cupcakes with icing. The process is the same as described above for freezing cupcakes with frosting.

Can You Freeze Cupcakes Without Frosting?

Yes, you can freeze cupcakes without frosting by following the procedure described above.

Can You Freeze Cupcakes In Paper Cases?

Yes, freezing cupcakes in their paper cases is possible. However, you have to ice them after taking them out of the freezer.

Can You Freeze Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting?

We do not recommend freezing cupcakes with cream cheese frosting because cream cheese tends to separate. Therefore, the ideal option is to freeze the cupcakes and cream cheese toppings separately. Then, you can add them after the defrosting process.

Can You Freeze Cupcakes With Buttercream?

You can freeze cupcakes with buttercream toppings because butter freezes well compared to cheese. However, please ensure to flash freeze cupcakes with buttercream for 30 to 60 minutes to allow the buttercream to set.

Can You Freeze Cupcakes With Whipped Cream Frosting?

It is not advisable to freeze cupcakes with whipped cream frosting because the frosting can leave a mess on top of the dessert. In addition, whipped cream does not freeze as well as buttercream or even cheese cream.

Can You Freeze Cupcakes With Sprinkles?

Sprinkles should not pose any problems when freezing. For example, you can freeze cupcakes with sprinkles the same way you freeze cupcakes with frosting.

Can You Freeze Cupcakes With Filling?

It depends on the kind of fillings you use. For example, fruit fillings do not last as long as frozen cupcakes. Still, you can freeze cupcakes with filling. However, the ‘Best for use’ by date will change.

Final Thoughts

While we recommend having cupcakes straight out of the baker’s oven, you can store them and consume them later. Among the various storage options, freezing is the most suitable. So, can you freeze cupcakes? You definitely can.

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