Can You Freeze Cadbury Eggs?

Can You Freeze Cadbury Eggs?

Quick Answer : Can You Freeze Cadbury Eggs?

Yes. It is possible to freeze Cadbury eggs. However, the duration of the storage depends on whether you freeze milk chocolate eggs or dark chocolate eggs. Similarly, you can also freeze eggs coated with peanut butter or buttercream candies. However, you must exercise adequate care while freezing Cadbury eggs because of sugar bloom. Read on to know how to freeze Cadbury eggs and the precautions to take while freezing them.

Precautions To Take When Freezing Cadbury Eggs?

Before we discuss how to freeze Cadbury eggs, let us consider the precautions to take to enable comfortable freezing.

Preventing Sugar Bloom

Sugar bloom can occur when the Cadbury eggs encounter sudden temperature changes, especially when defrosting them. So, we suggest not drastically exposing the frozen Cadbury eggs to temperature changes. Ideally, you can defrost the frozen Cadbury eggs in the fridge. Alternatively, you can place the container untouched on the kitchen counter for a few hours before opening it. It prevents condensation and, thus, sugar bloom.

Prevent Exposure To Air And Moisture

Exposing the Cadbury eggs to humidity and air can spoil the egg and make it inedible. Therefore, vacuum-sealing the freezer bags is critical. Besides, we suggest double-wrapping the containers if you freeze the Cadbury eggs in them. It prevents the chocolate from losing its taste after defrosting.

Prevent Exposure To Other Food Odors

Cadbury eggs can absorb other food odors quickly. So, we suggest cleaning the containers thoroughly before placing the eggs inside them. Secondly, double-wrapping ensures that the other food odors do not contaminate the freezing Cadbury eggs.

How Do You Freeze Cadbury Eggs?

We have discussed the precautions to take when freezing Cadbury eggs. Let us understand how to freeze the Cadbury eggs and preserve them for later consumption.

Freezing Cadbury Or Chocolate Eggs

  1. Select the freezing container. You can choose resealable freezer bags or airtight plastic containers, depending on individual preferences.
  2. Place the chocolate eggs inside the containers or bags.
  3. Vacuum seal the ziplock bag to remove excess air from it. Then, use a cling film to double-wrap the ziplock bags and airtight containers tightly.
  4. You can also wrap the eggs in parchment or wax paper before placing them inside the ziplock bags or containers. It ensures added protection.
  5. Remember, we had discussed sugar bloom occurring because of sudden temperature changes. So, we suggest placing the contents inside the refrigerator for 24 hours to allow the Cadbury eggs to get acquainted with the temperature. It reduces sugar bloom considerably.
  6. Transfer the container or bags to the freezer and note the freezing date

Freezing Reese’s Eggs

Reese’s eggs are similar to Cadbury’s eggs. So, we suggest taking similar precautions to prevent sugar bloom and freezer burn when freezing Reese’s eggs. In addition, preventing condensation ensures that the eggs retain their taste after freezing.

Freezing Egg Buttercream Candies

The process of freezing egg buttercream candies is similar to that of freezing Cadbury eggs. Besides, freezing the buttercream fillings makes them strong for creating the perfect Easter egg buttercream. You can freeze homemade and store-bought egg buttercream candies similarly.

Freezing Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs

The precautions and the procedure for freezing chocolate peanut butter eggs are the same as that of Cadbury eggs. Please ensure wrapping the eggs in wax paper and placing them in airtight freezer containers or ziplock bags. Double-wrapping them provides added protection to these eggs and prevents freezer burn.

How Long Can You Freeze Cadbury Eggs In The Freezer?

Cadbury eggs have a long shelf life in the freezer. For example, the Cadbury milk chocolate eggs can last for one year. However, the dark chocolate Cadbury eggs last for two years. Similarly, the store-bought buttercream candies and peanut butter eggs last a year. But, the homemade peanut butter eggs and buttercream candies do not last more than three months.

Does Freezing Cadbury Chocolate Eggs Ruin It?

Besides sugar bloom, you contend with fat bloom when you freeze Cadbury eggs. Fat bloom can occur when the fat in the chocolate filling seeps out to the surface. It makes the chocolate layer lose its gloss. Instead, it forms a white coating to make the Cadbury egg look unpleasant. You can prevent fat bloom by maintaining a constant freezer temperature. So, we suggest refraining from opening the freezer door frequently when freezing Cadbury eggs. You can also minimize fat bloom by placing the eggs deep inside the freezer, away from temperature variations.

How Do You Defrost Cadbury Eggs?

While defrosting Cadbury eggs, we advise taking care of the sugar bloom. So, you avoid sudden temperature variations. Transfer the frozen Cadbury eggs from the freezer to the fridge and let them stay overnight. Similarly, do not remove the thawed Cadbury eggs immediately from the containers. Instead, allow the containers to remain for a few hours on the kitchen counter and allow gradual temperature changes.

Can You Refreeze Cadbury Eggs?

We never recommend refreezing Cadbury eggs because excessive condensation can occur and make the eggs unpalatable. So, we advise consuming the Cadbury eggs soon after defrosting them.

Can You Freeze Cadbury Mini Eggs?

Freezing Cadbury mini eggs is the same as freezing the regular-sized Cadbury eggs. The precautions and the procedure are the same.

Can You Freeze Cadbury Crème Eggs?

You can freeze Cadbury crème eggs, similar to how you freeze Cadbury eggs. However, Cadbury crème eggs have a shorter lifespan of three months compared to Cadbury eggs.

Can You Freeze Cadbury Chocolate?

Yes. It is possible to freeze Cadbury chocolate, provided you wrap it properly and prevent exposure to moisture. Milk chocolate remains frozen for a year, whereas dark chocolate can remain fresh for two years.

Can You Freeze Cadbury Mini Rolls?

Yes. You can freeze Cadbury mini rolls after taking adequate precautions. The procedure for freezing Cadbury mini rolls is the same as described here.

Can You Freeze Cadbury Icing?

Cadbury icing can last for three days in an airtight container. After that, you can freeze it and extend its lifespan to twelve months.

Final Thoughts

Cadbury eggs are ideal for Easter celebrations. These delicious Cadbury eggs can be frozen to last for more than a year. Hence, you can freeze the Cadbury eggs after taking the necessary precautions and consume them until the following Easter. Cadbury eggs freeze well and taste the same provided you properly take care of the sugar and fat bloom.

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