Can You Freeze Churros?

Can You Freeze Churros?

Quick Answer : Can You Freeze Churros?

Here’s the good news. You can freeze churros and preserve them for later consumption. While churros taste the best when eaten fresh, it is possible to freeze them. So, if you have leftover churros, you need not discard them because freezing them is a viable option. Besides, you can also freeze churro dough or batter before frying. Therefore, the churro is a versatile snack you can have with tea or coffee. This Hispanic recipe has origins in Spain and Portugal but has transcended borders to become an integral part of Mexican cuisine. Now, let us discuss freezing churros the best way.

How Do You Freeze Churros?

There is not much difference between the Mexican and Spanish churros. While Mexican churros have a cinnamon sugar topping with whipped cream or chocolate, the Spanish churros come coated with sugar and dipped in chocolate. Either way, we suggest holding off the topping when freezing the churros. You can add them later before serving them.

Freezing Cooked Churros

  1. Cool the churros to room temperature. Freezing them hot can cause condensation and make them soggy while defrosting. In addition, the heat can disturb the freezer temperature and spoil other foods. So, you can place the cooked churros on a baking plate and allow them to cool for a couple of hours.
  2. We suggested not to add the toppings now because sugar and whipped cream or chocolate can ruin the freezing process. However, they can always be added subsequently after reheating the churros.
  3. Wrap each churro roll carefully with cling film or plastic wrap to ensure they do not stick together when freezing. Besides, it also prevents exposing them to humidity and cool air inside the freezer.
  4. Transfer the wrapped churros to the baking tray and place them inside the freezer to freeze for three to four hours. Once the churros solidify, you can remove them and transfer them to a freezer-safe ziplock bag. The freezer bag is the better option because it saves space.
  5. Seal the bags well after removing excess air. Note the freezing date on these bags before keeping them inside the freezer.

Freezing Churros Before Baking/Frying

  1. Pipe the churro dough on a parchment paper sheet and wrap it properly.
  2. Similarly, line the piped churros on a baking sheet and push them into the freezer for a couple of hours.
  3. The churros should solidify. Please remove them and transfer them to ziplock bags.
  4. Vacuum seal the ziplock bags and label them with the contents and the freezing date.
  5. Keep the freezer bags deep inside the freezer, allowing the unbaked churros to freeze.

How Long Can You Freeze Churros And Maintain Their Freshness?

Generally, baked churros can remain frozen well for one month without compromising their taste and flavor. The uncooked churro dough can last for a few weeks in the freezer. However, we advise not to keep the churros on the kitchen counter for long periods. It is better to transfer them to the freezer as quickly as possible.

How Do You Defrost Churros?

The defrosting procedure for cooked churros is different from uncooked churros. Uncooked churros can be thawed using refrigerator defrost mode. Then, you transfer the frozen, uncooked churro dough from the freezer to the refrigerator overnight. They should defrost the following morning thoroughly and be ready for frying.

We do not recommend the refrigerator defrosting mode for thawing cooked churros because the condensation can make the churros soft and soggy. Instead, we suggest removing the frozen churros from the freezer and placing them on the kitchen counter for two to three hours until they reach room temperature. Then, you can bake them in the oven and enjoy their crispy taste.

However, churros taste the best when they are fresh.

Can You Reheat The Defrosted Churros?

Yes, you can reheat the defrosted cooked churros in an oven or air fryer. Subsequently, you can add the toppings as the recipe demands before serving.

As far as uncooked churro dough is concerned, you can fry or bake them as usual after defrosting. But, the churros prepared from defrosted dough never taste as good as freshly-made churros.

Can You Refreeze Churros?

Technically, there is no issue in refreezing churros. You can refreeze the churro batter after defrosting. However, we do not recommend refreezing the churros that have defrosted on the kitchen countertop.

Therefore, we suggest wrapping the churros individually. Then, you can remove as many churros as you want without refreezing them.

Can You Freeze Churros Dough?

Yes. It is possible to freeze churros dough. You can freeze the entire batch by wrapping it tightly in cling film. Alternatively, you can pipe the churro dough into individual churros before freezing them. Under both circumstances, we advise wrapping the churros tightly with plastic wrap to prevent exposure to air and moisture.

Can You Freeze Churros Before Frying Them?

Yes. You can freeze churros before frying them. We have discussed the freezing process in detail here.

Can You Refrigerate Churro Dough?

Yes. You can preserve the churro dough in the fridge by covering it tightly with cling wrap. The dough can retain its freshness for three days.

Can You Freeze Churro Cheesecake?

Churro cheesecake contains cream cheese. Hence, we suggest exercising care when freezing them. You can refrigerate them for two days. If you wish to preserve them for extended periods, you can wrap them tightly with cling film and freeze them for two months.

Can You Freeze Churro Mix?

You can freeze churro mix, but we advise piping the batter before freezing it. Otherwise, the churro mix can change its texture on defrosting.

Can You Freeze Uncooked Churros?

Yes. You can freeze uncooked churros, but they do not last for more than a couple of weeks in the frozen state.

Can You Freeze Fresh Churros?

Yes. It is possible to freeze fresh churros. However, we advise cooling the churros and holding off the toppings if you wish to freeze them.

Can You Cook Frozen Churros In An Air Fryer?

Yes. You can cook the frozen churros in an air fryer basket. The process consumes less oil.

Final Thoughts

Churros are excellent snacks you can have with tea anytime. So, if you have a substantial batch of unconsumed churros, you need not worry about preserving them. Instead, you can freeze them, provided you have not added the chocolate, whipped cream, or sugar toppings. So, can you freeze churros? Yes. You can.

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