Can You Freeze Cake Mix?

Can You Freeze Cake Mix?

Cakes are synonymous with celebrations. It can be a birthday or other celebratory occasion like a wedding anniversary. So, either you buy readymade cakes from the bakery or prepare cake at home using a variety of cake mixes. If you prepare cake at home using cake mix, there would be every chance of leftover cake mixes. So, what would you do with that? Discarding them is the last option available because you can store them in the freezer for subsequent use. Therefore, can you freeze the cake mix?

Can You Freeze Cake Mix?

The answer is YES. You can, provided you exercise sufficient precautions for maintaining its freshness and quality. Freezing cake mix helps maintain the texture and taste of the cake.

Can You Store Cake Mix?

Cake mixes come with a printed ‘Use-by’ date. Generally, you cannot store cake mixes beyond the ‘Best for use by’ date. However, much depends on the type of cake mix you freeze. Cake batter can last longer in the frozen state than the dry cake mixes. Besides, the ingredients used in the cake mix preparation are critical. The storage method is also crucial. We shall discuss all the factors in the coming paragraphs.

How To Freeze Dry Cake Mix?

Readymade cake mix is a convenience product because it enables you to make delicious cakes within no time. However, it can be a hassle if you plan to prepare the ingredients at home, but readymade cake mixes are available in departmental stores. To prepare the cake batter, you add wet ingredients like water, milk, eggs, etc. Besides, you can add unique flavors to enhance the cake’s taste.

How To Freeze Store-Bought Cake Mix

Usually, the readymade cake mixes are available as a packed dry powder with a specific expiry date. You can freeze this dry powder in their respective containers placed inside a resealable ziplock bag.

How To Freeze Homemade Cake Mix

If you prepare cake mix at home, we advise you to store them on the kitchen counter in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. You can freeze them in a resealable plastic freezer bag if you have leftover cake mix. We recommend removing the residual air from the bag by pressing it gently. The idea is not to expose the dry powder to air and moisture. Otherwise, they could become lumpy.

Freezing homemade cake mixes in mason jars is also feasible. But, it is comparatively difficult to remove excess air from the jars.

Finally, we advise noting down the cake mix ingredients on a tag and attaching it to the jars or freezer bags. It helps you arrive at the “Best for use by” date. Note the freezing date and the “Best for use by” date. Then, place the freezer bags or the bottles inside the freezer to freeze.

How Long Do Frozen Cake Mixes Last In The Freezer?

We advise you to consume the cake mixes before the “Best for use by” dates. They can range from six months to a year from the manufacturing date. However, frozen cake mixes can last four to five months after the “Best for use by” date. The baking powder and other crucial ingredients could lose their potency if you extend their storage. While it is possible to extend the cake mix’s shelf life by freezing it, we advise consuming it well before the expiration dates to enjoy the optimal flavor, texture, and taste.

How To Store A Dry Cake Mix

The ideal storage method for an unopened dry cake mix packer is keeping it away from heat and humidity. However, leftover dry cake mixes can be stored in airtight containers. Under such circumstances, we advise writing down the ingredients and the ‘Best for use by’ dates on the tag attached to the airtight containers. It enables you to track the storing process and lets you consume them before they get spoilt.

In the case of homemade cake mixes, the expiration date depends on the expiry dates of the individual ingredients present in the mixture. Generally, you can consider the earliest expiration date as the “Best for use by” date. So, for example, if the baking soda expiry date is three months, the cake mix should not be stored beyond three months.

How To Defrost Cake Mix?

There is no need for defrosting cake mix because the powder remains dry in the frozen state. Therefore, there is no moisture contamination if you take the necessary precautions for freezing the cake mix.

You can use the frozen cake mix directly for preparing cakes by adding the required ingredients.

Can You Refreeze The Cake Mix?

Since you do not defrost the cake mix, you will take out the required quantity for preparation. The residual cake mix can be kept frozen in the freezer until expiry. So, there is no question of refreezing dry cake mix.

Can You Freeze The Cake Batter?

Yes, you can freeze the leftover cake batter in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Betty Crocker Cake Mix?

Unopened Betty Crocker cake mix can be used even after the ‘expiry’ date. While the manufacturer certifies its usage, some ingredients can lose their potency. However, consumers should carefully note that you can use such contents for preparing other recipes, but not for baking cakes.

Suppose you have opened the Betty Crocker cake mix packet. In that case, the manufacturer suggests you use it within four days, provided you store it at 4 degrees Celsius (around 40 degrees Fahrenheit).

Accordingly, you can freeze and consume it.

Can You Freeze Duncan Hines Cake Mix?

Duncan Hines cake mix packets feature a ‘Best for use by’ date instead of expiry dates. Therefore, Duncan Hines does not recommend using the cake mix powder after the dates mentioned in the box. In addition, the manufacturer does not guarantee that the cake will retain its texture and taste.

While you can freeze Duncan Hines cake mix, we do not recommend extending its storage beyond the ‘best for use by’ dates mentioned on the product.

Final Words

Cake mixes are valuable products that enable you to prepare cake batter instantly. While readymade cake mixes are available, you can prepare them from scratch at home. Either way, you can store cake mix on the kitchen shelf in airtight containers until their expiry dates. Freezing them is a viable option if you wish to extend their lifespan. So, can you freeze the cake mix? Yes, you can.

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