Can You Freeze Chocolate?

Everyone loves chocolate, so it is perfectly normal for a household to have more chocolate in their storage containers than they consume in a sitting. However, during special occasions, the chocolate stock increases manifold that it can become challenging to store and use properly. Fortunately, chocolate has an extended shelf life, and besides, you can explore other options too.

Can You Freeze Chocolate?

That is a no-brainer because everyone knows that frozen chocolate tastes better than fresh chocolate because of its crunchiness.

Chocolate is the most uncomplicated food to freeze because it does not contain water. So, freezing is best to extend the chocolate’s life beyond its expiration.

However, it is pertinent to note that freezing commercially bought boxed chocolates might not be suitable because you do not know the ingredients. The ingredient label does not indicate whether you can freeze them or not.

How Do You Freeze Chocolate?

If you think that tossing the chocolate bar inside the freezer should be sufficient for freezing chocolate, it is not so easy. You have to follow a specific procedure.

Step 1 – Wrap The Chocolate Properly

Freezing unopened chocolate bars should not pose much of a problem. You can conveniently place them inside zip lock bags and freeze them because they come tightly sealed. However, if you have an opened bar of chocolate, it becomes essential to wrap it tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. It is better to wrap the chocolate in their wrappers if you have them. However, it is essential to remove excess air from the ziplock bags before sealing them.

Step 2 – Keep The Bag In The Fridge

Next, place the prepared package in the fridge. It is critical because it brings down the temperature gradually to reduce the risk of damaging the chocolate. Generally, moving the chocolates directly from room temperature to freezing temperatures can cause the crystallization process where the sugar and cocoa butter in the chocolate rises to the surface.

Step 3 – Place The Packet In The Freezer

Stick a label on the freezer bag indicating the freezing date before placing the package inside the freezer.

Do You Need To Divide The Chocolate Bar Into Consumable Portions Before Freezing?

It is not always necessary to break the chocolate bars into small portions because you can always do them after freezing.

How Do You Defrost Chocolate?

If your teeth are strong enough to bite through the frozen chocolate bars, you can have them directly from the freezer. But, we never recommend this to anyone because of the various risks involved. First, the bar could be frigid. There might be crystal formation on the chocolate that can pierce your gums and cause injuries. You might even swallow a chunk of chocolate in extreme cases, causing choking issues.

Therefore, defrosting chocolate before consuming them is critical.

Thawing the chocolate bar in the refrigerator is the best to defrost chocolate. So, you remove them from the freezer and transfer them to the fridge. The process can take several hours. Hence, it is advisable to start the defrosting process overnight if you wish to have the chocolate the following morning.

Can You Microwave Frozen Chocolates To Defrost Them?

You cannot microwave chocolate because they do not contain any water. A microwave basically warms the water present in the food to cook it.

Where Do You Store Defrosted Chocolate?

The ideal place to store defrosted chocolates is in the fridge because they melt at room temperature. However, if the room temperature is sufficiently low as in the winter, you can keep them on the kitchen shelf.

If you need to melt the chocolate for your recipes, consider tossing them straight from the freezer into the water bath. However, it is not recommended because thawing it in the fridge helps retain all its ingredients intact.

Does Freezing The Chocolate Affect Its Texture?

Though freezing the chocolate bar extends its consumable shelf life, it has drawbacks. You can notice a slight change in its texture and taste after the freezing process because of the crystallization activity. However, the difference is not alarming enough to discourage you from freezing chocolate.

Which Is Better – Refrigerating Or Freezing Chocolate?

Both the methods are suitable for extending the chocolate’s shelf life. Refrigerating boosts it by 25%, whereas freezing can prolong it by around 50%. So, freezing chocolate seems a better option. However, it can be too tempting to consume the chocolates immediately. So, people generally tend to refrigerate them.

How Long Can The Frozen Chocolate Retain Its Taste?

The frozen chocolate can retain its taste for 18 months if you follow the correct procedure for freezing them. However, we recommend consuming the frozen chocolate within three months.

Does Freezing Chocolate Turn It White?

Sugar bloom can cause the brown chocolates to turn white after freezing. If you remove the chocolates from the freezer, they condense and humidify, causing sugar bloom.

Can You Melt Chocolate Before Freezing Them?

Melted chocolate is comparatively easy to freeze.

Can You Refreeze Chocolate?

Theoretically, there is nothing wrong with refreezing chocolate. However, we do not recommend frequent refreezing from the quality perspective. Freezing chocolate cause crystallization and sugar bloom. It can affect the chocolate’s taste.

Therefore, the best option is to defrost the required amounts of chocolate and not the entire bar at a time.

Can You Freeze Chocolate In Ice Cube Trays?

Freezing chocolate in ice cube trays is an excellent method of freezing melted chocolate. The ice cube tray provides an ideal shape for the chocolate. So, instead of freezing it as a lumpy mass, the ice cube is a better option.

Which Is Preferable – A Plastic Ice Cube Tray Or A Silicone Cube Tray?

The silicone cube tray is the preferred option because it is easy to remove the frozen chocolates. Besides, chocolate does not stick to silicone. They do not contain BPA, and cleaning them is convenient.

Can Chocolates Get Spoiled?

Chocolates are perishable items and can get spoiled over time.

How Do You Know The Chocolates Are Spoiled?

If you see dots or cracks on the chocolate surface, they will be stale. Mold is another sign that chocolate has spoiled. Spoilt chocolate tastes differently from fresh ones.

Final Thoughts

Freezing chocolate is the best way to extend its shelf life. So, if you have more chocolate on your hands, it is better to freeze them and consume them later instead of throwing them away.

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