Can You Freeze Coconut Cream?

Can You Freeze Coconut Cream?

Coconut is the most commonly used food ingredient in Asia, especially in south India. Besides coconut oil, coconut cream finds pride of place in Indian cuisine. Coconut cream is often considered the perfect alternative to dairy milk. Coconut cream, made from freshly grated coconut, has a high-fat content of about 24% and is thicker and more concentrated than coconut milk.

What would you do if you had excess coconut cream leftovers? Can you store it properly? Does freezing coconut cream pose the same problems as freezing dairy milk? So, can you freeze coconut cream? Questions like these can come to mind. So, let us answer them to the best of our ability.

Can You Freeze Coconut Cream?

Freezing coconut cream is an excellent option. Coconut cream remains fresh for three to seven days inside the fridge. However, when you freeze it in the freezer, its shelf life increases to two to three months.

How Do You Freeze Coconut Cream?

Unused coconut tetra packs are the easiest to freeze. You do not have to repack them for freezing. Instead, you toss the boxes into the freezer, and they freeze well.

We advise not to do the same with canned coconut cream. Instead, it is better to transfer the contents to an airtight container and freeze them.

How To Freeze Leftover Coconut Cream?

Leftover coconut cream or homemade coconut cream needs a different treatment. Pour the coconut cream into the ice cube tray and freeze them until they become solid. Remove them from the cube tray and place them in an airtight container or ziplock freezer bags on solidification. Seal them and note the freezing date. Place the containers in the freezer to allow the coconut cream to freeze.

If you do not wish to divide coconut cream into small portions, you can pour the entire batch into a ziplock freezer bag or an airtight container. We advise you to leave some space at the top allowing frozen coconut cream to expand. Write the freezing date on the container and set them to freeze inside the freezer.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Coconut Cream?

Coconut cream contains high proportions of fat. Therefore, the liquids and the proteins can separate during the thawing process. However, that should not be a problem.

Remove the required quantities of coconut cream from the freezer and keep them inside the fridge to thaw naturally. This process takes considerable time but is the best way to defrost coconut cream. You will see the fat and the water separating. So, you can blend the defrosted coconut cream in a blender and run it for 30 seconds. The layers should vanish.

Can You Refreeze Coconut Cream?

It is best if you do not refreeze coconut cream. On defrosting, you can use the coconut cream immediately without reheating. We advise you to consume the thawed coconut cream within two days to enjoy its freshness.

Can You Freeze Coconut Cream In Popsicle Molds Or Plastic Cups?

That should not be a problem, but it is better to leave half an inch space at the top to allow the freezing coconut cream to expand. Then, you can insert sticks into the cream. We advise covering the plastic cups with aluminum foil or plastic wrap. The idea is to prevent air from contaminating the coconut cream.

Flash freeze the popsicles and plastic cups. Once they freeze solid, please remove them and transfer them to an airtight container. Seal the container, label it, and continue with the freezing process.

How Long Can You Keep Coconut Cream Frozen?

The key to successfully freezing coconut cream is to ensure that the freezing bags and airtight containers do not have any air contamination. Coconut cream frozen correctly can last for two to three months.

An important point to note is that coconut cream freezes only if it is fresh. Stale coconut cream does not freeze at all.

Can I Thaw Coconut Cream At Room Temperature?

We never recommend you do this because it can spoil the coconut cream. The risk of change in flavor and texture is high. In addition, there are chances of the coconut cream becoming rancid.

Can You Freeze Coconut Cream Pie?

Freshly baked coconut cream pie lasts for four days in the refrigerator if you cover them with aluminum foil. However, coconut cream pie does not freeze well. So, we do not advise freezing coconut cream pie.

Can You Freeze Coconut Cream Eggs?

Yes, it is possible to freeze coconut cream eggs in airtight containers for several weeks.

Can You Freeze Coconut Cream Pie With Meringue?

Refrigerating coconut cream pie with meringue is better than freezing it. You can refrigerate them by draping them loosely with aluminum or plastic wrap. Meringue topped pies can remain refrigerated for two days.

Can You Freeze Coconut Cream Curry?

It is possible to freeze coconut cream curry because curry ingredients freeze well.

Can You Freeze The Coconut Cream Block?

While coconut cream blocks can last for five days in the refrigerator, you can extend their shelf life to two months by freezing them.

Can You Freeze Coconut Cream Pie With Whipped Cream?

Like other cream pies, coconut cream pie also contains liquid fillings making the crust soggy after some time. So, it is not advisable to freeze coconut cream pie with whipped cream. Refrigerating them is a better option.

Can You Freeze Coconut Cream Cake?

You can freeze coconut cream cake and keep it fresh for four months.

Can You Freeze Coconut Cream In Soup?

Coconut cream holds well in soups compared to dairy creams. However, the defrosted coconut cream in soups does not taste the same as before. However, it is possible to freeze coconut cream in the soup.

How Do You Use Coconut Cream In Recipes?

Coconut cream has a variety of uses in different recipes. You can use them as an ideal alternative to dairy cream in soups. Coconut cream can help prepare the vegetable gravy. They can be used in preparing stews and curry. Ask any South Indian homemaker, and she will give you hundreds of utility options for coconut cream.

Final Thoughts

Coconut cream is a prime ingredient in vegan dishes as the perfect alternative to dairy cream. Now, you know what to do with leftover coconut cream. Freeze them and use them to enhance the taste of your recipes.

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