Can You Freeze Eggnog?

Can You Freeze Eggnog?

If it is a cold wintry day out there, and you wish to have something to warm the heart, a cup of eggnog should be perfect. Eggnog is available at the local departmental store. Besides, you can prepare this frothy dairy beverage at home using raw eggs, milk, and cream. Since it is a seasonal drink, it can be challenging to get eggnog during the summer. So, it is natural for people to explore various methods of storing eggnog and consuming it later.

Therefore, the question arises, can you freeze eggnog?

Can You Freeze Eggnog?

Unfortunately, it can be tricky because the ingredients like milk and cream do not have an outstanding reputation for freezing well. Fortunately, you can freeze eggnog, but you need to store the beverage carefully to prevent textural changes. In addition, there are instances of eggnog losing its consistency on defrosting, especially when you do not follow the proper freezing procedure.

Can You Refrigerate Eggnog?

Eggnog made at home does not last for more than a day in the fridge, whereas the store-bought product lasts comfortably longer because it is pasteurized. However, you have to consistently maintain the fridge temperature at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Under such circumstances, store-bought eggnog remains fresh and edible for nearly a week. So, freezing eggnog is the only solution to extend its shelf life.

How Long Can Frozen Eggnog Remain Fresh For Consumption?

The frozen eggnog can last for four to six months if you freeze well. However, various factors affect the shelf life of frozen eggnog. They include processing methods, storage preparations, and exposure to heat, light, and moisture. Let us learn how to freeze eggnog the correct way.

How Do You Freeze Eggnog?

The methods of freezing homemade eggnog and unopened store-bought eggnog are different.

Freezing Homemade Eggnog

  1. On preparing eggnog, allow it to cool to room temperature. Freezing it hot can cause the beverage to curdle and get spoiled.
  2. Pour the eggnog into an airtight and rigid plastic container. Leave sufficient space at the top because the frozen eggnog can expand, and the lack of space can result in bursting the container and making a mess inside the freezer.
  3. Seal the container and note down the freezing date. Then, place the container inside the freezer and allow the eggnog to freeze.

You can follow the same procedure for freezing leftovers from store-bought eggnog.

Freezing Unopened Eggnog Cartons

Freezing unopened cartons does not require much preparation because it comes pasteurized and well prepared.

  1. You can place the unopened eggnog carton directly into the freezer. However, please ensure to keep it in an upright position.
  2. Once it freezes solid, you can pack the carton in a freezer bag and freeze it again until you need it.
  3. The eggnog remains fresh if you consistently maintain the freezer temperature below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Under such circumstances, the frozen eggnog can last for four to six months. Nevertheless, we recommend consuming it much earlier to enjoy its taste well.

How Do You Defrost And Reheat Eggnog?

Defrosting eggnog is not an issue. However, it is best to defrost it inside the refrigerator. You can transfer the container from the freezer to the fridge compartment and leave it to defrost overnight. We suggest never defrosting the frozen eggnog at room temperature because it can affect its consistency and turn it into a lumpy and unpalatable mass. The raw egg component in the eggnog can also cause it to go bad if exposed to room temperature for extended periods.

You can reheat the eggnog after it gets completely thawed. It is normal if you find the ingredients separating after the defrosting process. However, a good stir can help restore consistency. In addition, you can blend the eggnog in a blender to make it creamier and frothier. Thus, it tastes better.

You can also serve eggnog cold, but it is always best enjoyed warm. So, heating it in a microwave for a couple of minutes can make it warm enough for immediate consumption. It is also possible to reheat eggnog on a stovetop at medium heat. However, it is better to make it steamy hot and consume it.

Can You Refreeze Eggnog?

The eggnog ingredients do not allow you the liberty to refreeze it because the chances of it going bad are high.

How Do You Know The Eggnog Has Become Bad?

Eggnog is a perishable commodity. If exposed to heat, light, and moisture for extended periods, it can go bad. The following signs indicate that eggnog has become sour.

  1. Fresh eggnog smells sweet. So, a sour smell is a sure indication that it is turning bad.
  2. Bad eggnog loses its consistency and becomes a lumpy mess. So, if the eggnog has changed its color or becomes lumpy, it is time to get rid of it.
  3. It will go bad if you have stored eggnog in the fridge for more than a week.

If the eggnog does not appear spoiled, you can take a sip to confirm it. If it is okay, you can consume it. Otherwise, it is recommended to discard it immediately.

Can You Freeze Eggnog In An Ice Cube Tray?

It is possible to freeze eggnog in an ice cube tray. You can pour the eggnog into an ice cube tray and allow it to freeze. We recommend leaving out space at the top to allow for easy expansion. Once the cubes freeze solid, you can transfer them to a freezer bag and store them inside the freezer.

The advantage of freezing eggnog in ice cube trays is that you can defrost and reheat it according to your requirements. Thus, you need not attempt any refreezing.

How Long Can Unopened Eggnog Last Without Refrigeration?

Unopened and shelf-stable bottled eggnog containing alcohol can last 18 months without refrigeration. However, on opening the bottle, it can last for a couple of weeks in the fridge. Freezing enhances the shelf life considerably.

Can You Add Alcohol To Homemade Eggnog To Enhance Its Shelf Life?

Adding 5% alcohol extends the homemade eggnog’s shelf life by a couple of weeks in the fridge.

What Makes Store-Bought Eggnog Different From Homemade Eggnog?

Store-bought eggnog contains preservatives that enable it to last longer than homemade eggnog. However, you can use pasteurized eggs and add more alcohol to enhance the shelf life of homemade eggnog.

Final Thoughts

Generally, alcoholic drinks keep you warm during winters. However, eggnog is a good alternative if you do not like consuming much alcohol. So, it is natural for you to ask, can you freeze eggnog? Yes, you can, provided you exercise sufficient care.

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