Can You Freeze Matzo Balls?

Can You Freeze Matzo Balls?

I trust everyone reading this article would have tasted the chicken soup with matzo balls. Suppose you have prepared chicken soup with matzo balls for a large gathering and have sufficient leftovers. Do not worry about discarding the soup because you can store it and consume it later. So, can you freeze matzo balls? The answer is a big YES. However, we recommend following the correct procedure.

What Are Matzo Balls?

Matzo balls, a Jewish cuisine, are generally served with chicken soup. They contain egg, water, oil, and matzo meal.

Can You Freeze Matzo Balls?

There should not be any problem freezing matzo balls, but they can lose their texture during the defrosting process and feel mushy rather than fluffy when they are fresh. So, let us discuss the process of freezing matzo balls.

How Do You Freeze Matzo Balls?

The process is straightforward.

  1. Place the matzo balls in a single layer on a baking sheet without touching each other.
  2. Freeze them in the freezer for about two hours.
  3. Once frozen, you can remove them from the baking sheet and place them carefully inside a freezer bag or an airtight container.
  4. Note the freezing date and set the container to freeze inside the freezer.
  5. Generally, matzo balls can remain frozen for two months without losing much of their taste.
  6. Finally, when they are ready to cool, place the frozen balls in boiling water for ten minutes.

They are now ready to add to your delicious chicken soup.

What Precautions Should You Take When Freezing Matzo Balls?

Matzo balls are available throughout the year. However, you can freeze them, provided you have sufficient stock. The following precautions guarantee optimum results.

  1. The matzo balls should be cooled to room temperature before starting the freezing process.
  2. The balls should not touch each other when you place them on the baking sheet and prepare them for freezing.

How Do You Thaw Frozen Matzo Balls?

You can defrost the matzo balls in various ways.

  1. The quickest method is to place the balls in a container filled with lukewarm water.
  2. Alternatively, leaving them in the refrigerator compartment overnight can also result in gradual thawing.

Once defrosted, you can use the matzo balls according to your recipe.

How Long Can Matzo Balls Last At Room Temperature?

Matzo balls are fit to consume within two hours at room temperature. If the day is hot or the balls are exposed to direct sunlight, consuming them within one hour is better. Otherwise, you can discard them.

How Long Can Matzo Balls Last In The Refrigerator?

If you store matzo balls in an airtight container, they can last for two weeks in the refrigerator. Keeping them in an airtight environment is crucial to prevent them from frying out.

Can You Reheat Matzo Balls?

Freezing matzo balls dehydrates them completely. Therefore, many recipe experts advise keeping the matzo balls at room temperature for one hour after freezing allows them to regain their texture.

Please keep them in simmering soup over high heat when reheating frozen matzo balls. As the soup starts to simmer, reduce the heat, and ensure that the soup does not boil. The matzo balls should become soft at the center. It can take around twenty minutes.

Alternatively, you can reheat matzo balls in the water. Under such circumstances, you simmer the matzo balls in hot water and directly add them to the chicken soup.

Can You Refreeze Matzo Balls?

We do not recommend refreezing matzo balls or chicken soup with matzo balls. The matzo balls contain animal products. You have to be careful when refreezing animal products because of the harmful bacteria.

Do Matzo Balls Change Their Texture After Freezing?

Initially, the change in texture in the matzo balls is not immediately noticeable, but refreezing them will make them change the flavor and texture drastically.

Can You Freeze Matzo Crackers?

You can freeze matzo crackers, but they are better consumed fresh without freezing.

Can You Freeze The Matzo Meal?

Matzo meal has an exceptionally long shelf life if you store them in airtight containers. There is no need to freeze them.

Can You Freeze Matzo Balls Soup?

You can freeze matzo balls, but it is advisable to freeze the matzo balls and the soup separately.

Why Should The Matzo Balls Not Touch Each Other Before The Initial Freezing Process?

You should keep the matzo balls separate because they can get clumped together and cause a mushy mess. However, they become hard after the initial freezing process. So, you can put them together in the freezer bag.

Can You Freeze The Matzo Balls In An Egg Tray?

In the initial freezing stage, you can use the egg tray instead of the baking sheet. It helps keep the matzo balls distinct from each other.

What Happens If You Do Not Remove The Air From The Freezer Bag?

The presence of air inside the freezer bag affects the freezing process. It can cause freezer burn and lead to the matzo balls becoming bad.

How Do You Suck The Excess Air Out From The Freezer Bag?

A vacuum sealer is best for removing all air. However, you can also use a straw to suck the air out. Leave a small gap to let the straw enter the bag. Suck the air out and seal the bag.

Is It Necessary To Wrap The Matzo Balls In Cling Paper Or Foil Before Freezing?

It is not necessary to wrap the matzo balls. They become hard after the initial freezing process.

What Happens If We Freeze The Matzo Balls Along With The Soup?

If you freeze the matzo balls with the soup, they become soggy. Therefore, you cannot consume them later on. So, you should ensure the matzo balls are completely dry before freezing.

Final Thoughts

Matzo balls in chicken soup make for an exciting appetizer. So, if you have lots of leftover matzo balls, you can freeze them and use them in your soups later on.

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