Can You Freeze Pastrami?

Can You Freeze Pastrami?

Quick Answer : Can You Freeze Pastrami?

You can freeze pastrami, but the most significant issue is handling dry pastrami. Freezing pastrami tends to dry it out. Hence, maintaining its moisture level is crucial for pastrami to freeze. Wrapping and sealing it tightly are good options to help freeze pastrami well. So, if you are a sandwich lover and like to know how to freeze pastrami, you have come to the right place. Here is how we go about freezing the pastrami successfully.

How Do You Freeze Pastrami?

The exciting aspect of freezing pastrami is that it is easy to freeze. You can freeze the meat whole or cut it into smaller consumable pieces or slices to freeze. Since it is a dried and seasoned meat, it has an excellent shelf life. However, it requires freezing on opening the packet.

Freezing Uncut Pastrami

The best mode of freezing homemade pastrami is avoiding cutting it. Freezing uncut pastrami is advantageous because it is less likely to dry inside the freezer.

  1. Wrap the uncut pastrami tightly in plastic wrap. The objective is to prevent the pastrami from losing its moisture. At the same time, it also prevents exposure to the cool air and humidity inside the refrigerator, which could lead to freezer burn.
  2. Once you have wrapped the uncut pastrami completely, you can place it inside a freezer bag or an airtight plastic container designed for storage in the freezer.
  3. The key is eliminating the air inside the freezer bag. So, sealing the bag airtight after removing excess air from the pack is a crucial aspect of the freezing process.
  4. Please label the package with the freezing date and push it inside the freezer allowing the contents to freeze well.

Freezing Cut Pastrami

Freezing uncut pastrami is simple and convenient. But the problem is that you must defrost the entire batch when consuming it. As refreezing pastrami is not advisable, we suggest cutting or slicing the pastrami into smaller consumable pieces.

  1. Slice the pastrami into conveniently sized portions fit for consumption at a time.
  2. Take a freezer-safe plastic wrap and cover the slices entirely without leaving any space exposed to the cool air inside the freezer.
  3. Place the wrapped pastrami pieces into a freezer bag and eliminate the residual air before sealing it airtight.
  4. Write the freezing date on the bag to help you know when you have frozen the pastrami. In addition, it helps you during the defrosting process.
  5. Place the freezer bag in the deepest corner of the freezer to allow its contents to freeze properly.

How Long Can Frozen Pastrami Last Without Damaging Its Texture And Taste?

The frozen pastrami can remain fresh and fit for three months if appropriately frozen by following the processes described here. Double-wrapping the pastrami is better because it provides additional protection. However, the three months is the longer end of the spectrum for storing the frozen pastrami. Therefore, we suggest consuming the frozen pastrami within three months to enjoy its optimal taste and flavor.

How Do You Store Pastrami Outside The Freezer?

Pastrami is dry and seasoned meat. So, we do not advise keeping the opened pastrami slices at room temperature for extended periods. Bacterial contamination can occur, spoiling the meat and making it unpalatable. So, the maximum period you can store is two hours at room temperature.

You can refrigerate the pastrami and extend its life span to three to five days. However, much depends on the wrapping of the meat correctly. Therefore, freezing the meat is the best storage option if you do not plan to use the pastrami within the first five days. So, the earlier you decide to freeze it, the better it is.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Pastrami?

If you plan to cook the pastrami immediately, you need not defrost it. Instead, you can toss the frozen meat from the freezer directly into boiling water to cook the meat.

However, defrosting pastrami is possible in various ways.

Ideally, you leave the pastrami to defrost naturally inside the fridge by transferring the frozen meat from the freezer to the refrigerator overnight. The process is gradual and takes more than eight to twelve hours. The frozen uncut pastrami can take more time to thaw completely.

You can also defrost the pastrami in the microwave. We advise wrapping it loosely with a damp cloth and microwaving it for 10 to 15 seconds on high heat until the meat thaws completely.

However, once you defrost the pastrami, you must consume it within three to five days if preserved in the refrigerator. Otherwise, the meat does not last for more than two hours at room temperature. Also, microwaving has its demerits as it can thaw the meat unevenly. So, a conventional over is a better choice.

Can You Refreeze Pastrami?

We do not recommend refreezing pastrami because it can dry it out further and spoil its existing structure and taste. Therefore, slicing the pastrami meat into consumable portions is advisable to prevent wastage.

Can You Freeze Pastrami Sandwiches?

You can slice the pastrami and use it as sandwich fillings. It is possible to freeze pastrami sandwiches for up to two months.

Can You Freeze Pastrami Meat?

You can freeze pastrami deli meat and store it for one to two months without affecting its texture and taste.

Can You Freeze Katz’s Pastrami?

Katz pastrami is store-bought pastrami that can be frozen whole for up to three months before cooking it.

Can You Freeze Turkey Pastrami?

Turkey pastrami lasts for five days in the fridge after opening the package. Beyond five days, it is better to freeze it as described here.

Can You Freeze Homemade Pastrami?

Yes, you can freeze homemade pastrami by cooling it first and then wrapping it in plastic wrap to freeze in the freezer for three months.

Can You Freeze Smoked Pastrami?

You can freeze smoked pastrami as described here.

Can You Freeze Packaged Pastrami?

Freezing packaged pastrami is possible in the same way described here for three months.

Can You Freeze Hot Pastrami?

You cannot freeze hot pastrami as it can cause condensation. In addition, the moisture can prove a breeding ground for bacteria and spoil the meat.

Final Thoughts

Pastrami has a decent shelf life in its packaged form. However, opening it for consumption removes the protection and hence the need for proper preservation. So, can you freeze pastrami to extend its lifespan? Yes, you can extend its shelf life by three months.

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