Can You Freeze Potato Leek Soup?

Can You Freeze Potato Leek Soup?

The potato leek soup should be the perfect beverage before a warm dinner on a cold wintry day. The leek in the soup infuses an onion flavor that combines well with the potato to give it an exquisite taste. Since the soup is tasty, you might prepare more than what your family could consume at a time. So, you search for preservation options to save the potato leek soup for another day.

Can You Freeze Potato Leek Soup?

Generally speaking, soups are liquids. Hence, there should not be any problems freezing them. However, the presence of potatoes can complicate things because potato does not have an excellent reputation for freezing well. But, it is possible to freeze potato leek soup and extend its lifespan to enable you to have it another day.

How Do You Freeze Potato Leek Soup?

Though potatoes can mess up things, you can freeze potato leek soup if you follow the procedure carefully. However, please ensure that you cook the soup before freezing because raw potatoes can cause discoloration and change their texture, affecting the soup significantly.

  1. Follow the potato leek soup recipe well and cook the soup. But, we recommend stopping the cooking process 3/4thof the way. Then, you can apportion the soup into two parts, one that will consume immediately and the other that will freeze in the freezer.

You can continue with the cooking after apportioning the soup in this manner.

  1. Allow the separated soup portion destined to freeze to cool to room temperature.
  2. Once cooled, you can pour the partially cooked potato leek soup into small containers fit for single consumption. This process saves you the trouble of defrosting the entire batch leading to wastage.
  3. Next, you keep the soup in the refrigerator to chill. If you plan to consume them soon, within four to five days, you need not freeze the soup. However, if you have other plans, we recommend freezing them properly.
  4. Remove the chilled soup from the fridge and place the containers in a resealable freezer bag.
  5. Seal the bag after expelling excess air from it.
  6. Use the marker pen to note the freezing date on the freezer bag. It enables you to know when you have frozen the soup and by which date you should consume them.
  7. Keep the freezer bag inside the freezer and allow the contents to freeze.

How Long Can You Keep The Frozen Potato Leek Soup In The Freezer?

The frozen potato leek soup can remain comfortably frozen without losing its texture and shape for six months. However, we recommend consuming the potato leek soup quickly because the longer you store it, the higher the chances of the soup becoming mushy and grainy when defrosted.

How Do You Defrost The Frozen Potato Leek Soup?

You can defrost the frozen potato leek soup in various ways.

  1. The easiest and most recommended method is the refrigerator defrosting method. Please remove the required quantities of the frozen soup and place them inside the fridge overnight. The potato leek soup will be ready for reheating and consumption the following morning.
  2. If time is a problem, you can try the warm water defrosting method. Place the containers or the ziplock bags in a bowl containing warm water. We advise changing the warm water at regular intervals to expedite the thawing process.
  3. A microwave is also a decent option for defrosting frozen potato leek soup. We advise placing the soup container inside the microwave and cook for two to three minutes on full power. We do not recommend the microwave method if you find the potato leek soup a bit chunky because the defrosting process can make the soup mushy.

How Do You Reheat The Potato Leek Soup?

You can reheat the potato leek soup on the stovetop on low heat. Please keep stirring the soup to ensure it does not get burnt.

Can You Refreeze Potato Leek Soup?

We do not advise refreezing the potato leek soup that has been thawed and reheated. Therefore, apportioning the soup into small containers allow you to remove the required portions alone. You need not defrost the entire contents at a time.

Can You Freeze Potato Leek Soup With Cream?

It is not ideal to freeze potato leek soup with cream as the cream will split and cause the soup to become grainy. The correct option is to add the cream after the defrosting and reheating process.

Can You Freeze Potato Leek And Bacon Soup?

Yes, it is possible to freeze potato leek and bacon soup.

Can You Freeze Leek Potato And Stilton Soup?

You can freeze leek potato and stilton soup to maintain its freshness for three months.

Can You Freeze Leek And Potato Soup With Milk?

Generally, soups with milk and cream tend to separate and lead to a grainy texture during the defrosting process. Therefore, we do not recommend freezing leek and potato soup with milk.

Can You Freeze Homemade Potato And Leek Soup?

Yes, it is possible to freeze homemade potato and leek soup the way described here.

Can You Freeze A Creamy Leek And Potato Soup?

We do not recommend freezing creamy leek and potato soup because they can attain a grainy structure during the defrosting process and become unpalatable.

Can You Freeze Fresh Leek And Potato Soup?

You can freeze fresh leek and potato soup to maintain its freshness for six months.

Can You Freeze Slimming World Leek And Potato Soup?

Slimming World leek and potato soup is store-bought soup. You can freeze the soup the way described here.

Can You Freeze Leek And Potato Gratin?

You can freeze leek and potato gratin by wrapping them tightly in cling film for six months.

Can You Freeze Leek And Potato Pie?

It is possible to freeze leek and potato pie and maintain its freshness for six months.

Can You Freeze Leek And Potato Soup Leftovers?

It is not recommended to freeze leek and potato soup leftovers because the potato would be fully cooked. In addition, it can turn mushy during the defrosting process.

Final Thoughts

While potatoes can prove to be a hindrance in freezing potato leek soup, we can overcome it by not cooking the potatoes thoroughly. It ensures that they do not become mushy after defrosting. So, can you freeze potato leek soup? You can freeze them.

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