Cash’s Name Tapes for The Foodie Bugle Shop

We are so pleased with the Cash’s name tapes we ordered for The Foodie Bugle Shop. Made in Britain, made to last!

For a very small amount of money you can order a really well made, woven set of name tapes, in a font and colour of your choice. Ordering could not be easier. We are using ours for our own handmade aprons, tea towels, tote bags and anything else that springs to mind while we are designing and creating.

Made in Coventry, the company was originally set up by Quaker brothers John and Joseph Cash in the 1840s, to become one of England’s leading silk ribbon manufacturer. The area was gaining a good reputation for weaving, and it was there that many Huguenot silk weavers sought refuge from persecution in France. You can read a potted history of the company and its philanthropic founders in the company website and also here.

Despite financial difficulties in the recent past, Cash’s is still weaving its world famous name tapes for families all over the world. And if you don’t feel like sewing, don’t worry, the company also makes name tapes you can iron or glue on.


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