Can You Freeze Cooked Grits?

Can You Freeze Cooked Grits?

If you are in a hurry and like to have a quick breakfast, grits should fit the bill perfectly. Grits, an American recipe, is a staple breakfast food made from cornmeal porridge and water. You can season grits with sausages or cheese to give them the required taste and flavor. Besides, grits form excellent side dishes for lunch and dinner. So, if you have any leftover cooked grits, you can consider freezing them.

Can You Freeze Cooked Grits?

If you love a short answer, it is YES. You can freeze cooked grits conveniently. But, if you wish to know more about the freezing, defrosting, refreezing, and other issues connected with cooked grits, keep reading till the end. You get answers to almost everything about cooked grits.

Do Cooked Grits Freeze Well?

Yes, it is possible to freeze cooked grits, but you should store them dry to prevent the formation of ice crystals during the defrosting process. Besides, using an airtight container or a freezer bag helps protect cooked grits from freezer burn.

How Do You Freeze Cooked Grits?

Depending on the quantity you wish to freeze, you can freeze cooked grits in two ways. If you have large portions of cooked grits to freeze, you need an airtight container or a freezer bag. On the other hand, you can use ice cube trays to freeze smaller portions.

Freezing Large Portions of Cooked Grits

You can conveniently place the cooked grits in a freezer bag and ensure to leave out sufficient space at the top. It enables the grits to expand when freezing. However, you should ensure to remove excess air from the container or the freezer bag before sealing them, and labeling the container lets you know when you have packed the cooked grits.

Freezing Small Portions of Cooked Grits

Scooping out small portions of cooked grits before freezing them is beneficial. You can defrost only the quantity you would like to consume while allowing the other pieces to keep freezing.

Take a clean ice cube tray and add the cooked grits into each compartment. It is advisable to leave a small space at the top to allow the grits to expand while freezing. Place the tray in the freezer compartment for about two hours and let the cooked grits freeze.

Remove the tray after two hours and transfer the frozen cooked grits cubes to an airtight container or a zip lock bag. Remove the excess air from the box/bag and seal them. Label your container and place it inside the freezer.

How Long Can Your Cooked Grits Remain Frozen?

Cooked grits have less moisture. Hence, you need not worry about freezer burn. Cooked grits can last long, provided you cook them properly and maintain them at low temperatures. Usually, frozen cooked grits can last for around four months.

How To Thaw Cooked Grits?

Cooked grits should be soft to eat. However, incorrect thawing can lead to them becoming chewy. You can defrost cooked grits in two ways.

The Cold Water Method

Placing the frozen grits in cold water is an easy way of thawing them. You can place the freezer bag in a vessel containing cold water or run cold water over them under a tap. Alternatively, add ice cold water to the frozen grits. Next, swirl them using your hands until they thaw completely. The procedure could take around ten minutes. Finally, discard the excess water before serving the defrosted grits.

The Oven Method

A simple method to defrost grits is to spread them out evenly on a baking sheet and place it inside the oven. The grits start to become soft with the heat. Then, you can remove them and allow them to cool to room temperature before consuming them.

Can You Refreeze Cooked Grits?

We do not recommend refreezing cooked grits because it can affect their overall quality. Hence, it is always beneficial to freeze cooked grits in the ice cube tray. You need not defrost all the pieces at once.

We have discussed various aspects of freezing cooked grits. However, consumers can have their doubts.

Can You Freeze Cooked Cheese Grits?

Cheese grits are equally delicious and convenient to freeze. However, you must be careful to seal the airtight container properly. The moisture in milk and butter can get spoiled if you do not close the bags properly.

Can You Freeze Uncooked Grits?

You can freeze uncooked grits within three months of purchasing them. However, uncooked grits do not get spoiled for five years if you store them in the kitchen cupboards. Therefore, freezing uncooked grits is not necessary. But, if you still like to freeze uncooked grits, you can remove small portions by gradually opening the boxes and shutting them tight to prevent air seepage.

How Do You Know If Cooked Grits Become Unfit For Consumption?

You can quickly identify spoiled grits in three ways. First, if you see mold formation, you should discard them immediately. Second, if they smell bad, you have to throw them away. Third, if they taste bad, you might not have prepared them correctly. So, they become unfit for consumption.

How Long Can You Store Cooked Grits In The Refrigerator?

Like other consumable items, cooked grits require refrigeration. However, cooked grits can last for one week comfortably in the fridge.

Can You Reheat Cooked Grits Before Consumption?

You can reheat grits in a microwave, on the stove, or oven. However, you should ensure not to dry them, or they can get burnt.

Can You Freeze The Savory Variants Of Cooked Grits?

The savory variants of cooked grits, including the cheese grits and shrimp grits, freeze well. The freezing procedure is the same.

Before Reheating, Can You Add Spices And Other Ingredients To Your Frozen Cooked Grits?

Before reheating, you can add sausage, peppers, cheese, bacon, etc., to frozen cooked grits. It enhances their taste and flavor.

Final Thoughts

Cooked grits are excellent breakfast recipes, especially if you want to prepare them quickly. If you have leftovers, freezing them is not an issue.

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