Can You Freeze McDonald’s Fries?

Can You Freeze McDonald’s Fries?

Few people can resist driving past a McDonald’s outlet without venturing inside to have a snack or two. The younger generation that swears by fast-food loves to order McDonald’s products like burgers, fries, etc., in bulk and have them for dinner. Generally, parents of these youngsters wonder whether freezing McDonald’s fries is possible.

Can You Freeze McDonald’s Fries?

McDonald’s fries are crunchy and tasty to eat right out of the fryer. So, the chances of leftovers are less. Nevertheless, you can safely freeze them and have them later.

Let us find out how.

How To Freeze McDonald’s Fries?

Step 1 – Cool Them Completely

Before freezing McDonald’s Fries, the first step is to check whether they are cooled completely. One should never freeze hot/warm French fries.

Step 2 – Use A Freezer-safe Bag

Though it can be tempting to freeze the fries in their original packaging, it is not the correct procedure. Instead, transfer the contents to a freezer-safe bag.

Step 3 – Seal The Bag And Freeze

Press the freezer bag to remove as much air as possible before sealing it tight. Then, take a sketch pen and write down the date when you froze the McDonald’s fries and the expiry date written on the original packaging before you pop the bag into the freezer compartment.

Is There An Alternative Method To Freeze McDonald’s Fries?

Drain the French fries and allow them to become dry. Next, add a little vegetable oil (about one teaspoon for every 2 pounds of potatoes) and spread them on an even layer on the parchment-lined baking sheet. Freeze the fries for around six hours until they become solid. Then, transfer the frozen fries to an airtight freezer bag and place it in the freezer. Your French fries can remain frozen for up to six months.

How Long Can You Freeze McDonald’s Fries?

Generally, McDonald’s fries can be frozen for four months. However, you should check the expiry date on the original package. Usually, it says, ‘best for use within six months of the packaging date.’ So, calculate the expiry date using this information. It is not advisable to freeze McDonald’s fries beyond their expiry date.

How To Thaw McDonald’s fries?

Remove the freezer zip lock bag from the freezer and place it inside the refrigerator to allow it to thaw naturally. Once they are ready, you can reheat them in a microwave oven for two minutes to serve them hot. It is not advisable to reheat McDonald’s fries without thawing them in the refrigerator.

What Will Happen If You Reheat Frozen McDonald’s Fries Without Thawing Them?

Condensation can occur if you reheat McDonald’s fries directly from the freezer without thawing them. The French fries can become limp and lose their crunchiness.

Can You Refreeze McDonald’s Fries?

You should not refreeze McDonald’s fries because they come frozen to the McDonald’s outlet. Therefore, it is not good to freeze them more than once.

Can You Air Fry McDonald’s Fries?

You can place the McDonald’s fries in the air fryer basket and spread them out properly. First, air fry for three minutes. Then, add virgin olive oil spray and air fry for a minute. The fries come out crispier than ever.

Does Freezing McDonald’s Fries Affect Its Taste?

Freezing fries does not affect their taste.

Do French Fries Taste Bad After Reheating Them?

Usually, French fries do not taste bad after reheating in the microwave oven. However, if the range is uneven and not clean, the French fries can turn limp or soggy. The oil can also turn rancid. Under such circumstances, the fries can taste bad after reheating.

How To Preserve McDonald’s French Fries?

You can preserve leftover McDonald’s French fries in the refrigerator. The trick is to cool them down to room temperature and then place them in an airtight container. It is advisable to line the container with a paper towel that helps to soak excess moisture and prevents the fries from becoming soggy.

How Do You Know If French Fries Are Freezer Burned?

Freezer burns can happen if you freeze McDonald’s fries in their original packaging. The giveaway signs are dry areas, ice crystal formation, and discoloration on the fries. Under such circumstances, you can also detect an unpleasant odor.

Can You Freeze Blanched French Fries?

It is possible to freeze blanched French fries. You can lay them on a parchment-lined sheet and freeze them for around one hour. Then, transfer the frozen fries to an airtight zipper bag and store them in the freezer. They can remain good for three months.

Which Other McDonald’s Products Can You Freeze?

You can freeze almost all McDonald’s products like nuggets, beef burgers, chicken burgers, etc. The freezing process is more or less similar.

Does McDonald’s Freeze Well?

McDonald’s products freeze well if you follow the correct procedure.

How Do You Know If The French Fries Have Become Bad?

The right way to detect spoiled fries is to smell them. If they emit an offensive odor, the trash bin is the right place for these fries. An alternate way to confirm whether they have gone bad is to check on their appearance. If they have discoloration or mold, they are not fit for consumption.

Can You Suffer From Food Poisoning By Eating Frozen Fries?

It depends on the quality of your frozen fries. If you do not follow the correct freezing procedure, the fries can turn rancid. In addition, potatoes contain solanine, a nerve toxin that can give you headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, and even paralysis if consumed in large quantities. Besides, unsanitary practices can also lead to food contamination.

Are Cold Fries Bad For Health?

It is best if you consume McDonald’s fries fresh. If stored at room temperature for two hours or more, they can become bad because the humidity in the air can encourage bacterial growth.

Final Words

We have discussed almost everything you need to know about freezing, defrosting, and reheating McDonald’s fries. Though the fries do not lose their taste, having McDonald’s fries fresh from the counter is always recommended. But, if you ask me, Can you refreeze McDonald’s fries, I will say, Yes.

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